OMG, I forgot the pronunciation!

Blogging over at Fang-tastic Books today about the release of Let Sleeping Demons Lie and assorted stuff, and one of the commenters asked me a damn good question:

“What is the proper pronunciation of Naamah? I have trouble sometimes getting into a book if I keep trying to say the name of a character in my head, not sure if I’ve got it right.”

Excellent point, indeed! And I have the exact same problem. I hate it when I can’t figure out how to pronounce a character’s name in a book. And if I do say it in my head and then find out later I’ve got it entirely wrong, it irks me. Not good!

So after slapping myself upside the head for not including pronunciation alongside the meanings behind various names in my Demons novellas’ glossaries, I figured I’d make a point of posting the correct pronunciation here, as well as permanently adding it to the My Books pages on my website.

In case you don’t know who the hell we’re raving about, Naamah is a Felinoid Demon. She’s Rez’s ex-lover in Even Demons Get The Blues. And she’s the heroine in Let Sleeping Demons Lie.

And here’s how her name is pronounced: NAY-uh-mah.



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2 Responses to “OMG, I forgot the pronunciation!”

  1. Sandi Lomonaco says:

    Thanks for the pronunciation Maree! I was so saying it wrong in my head of course – LOL

    • Maree says:

      Not surprising, Sandi! When I first researched the name, I was hearing it in my head as NAHmah. Took a while to train myself to the correct pronunciation and I still lapse every now and then.

      Note to self: stick with names that are pronounced like they are written in future!!!