Nic Harrison’s sword-fighting workshop extraordinaire!

Hi all,

I’ve finally gotten around to unpacking after our annual RWNZ conference–only because I need some of  the stuff still in my suitcase *wry grin*. But to my horror, I couldn’t find my camera. Oh noes! What have I done with it?

Turned out it was stuffed in the bottom of my handbag, along with a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t need to be in there. Little wonder the darn bag felt so heavy when I was out and about running errands yesterday. Then, another moment of panic when I took a squiz at the vids of Nic Harrison’s sword-fighting workshop that I KNEW I’d taken, and there was only one video recorded? Nooooo! How can that be???

Deep breath. Mentally walk through that Friday afternoon… and…

Oh yeah. My camera ran out of batteries, so I used my iPhone to take photos and vids. Duh. (And thank God for the iPhone!)

Anyway, I was sooo looking forward to Nic’s Live By The Sword workshop, and it didn’t disappoint! Even better, Nic and his cohorts (Shay, Silver & Robbo) very kindly gave me permission to post my photos and videos here on my website (and possibly YouTube if I can figure out how to do that), so y’all can get a taste of what you missed out on.

First up, some photos. But before I try to remember how’n the heck I insert a photo gallery, I think one photo deserves a place all of its own.

Here we have Silver, in full period regalia–right down to authentically crafted chain-mail that weighs around 15kg (if I recall correctly).

Gotta love the slightly less authentic accessory–time travel, anyone? *VBG*

Next up are the still shots, then I’ll post the action vids.

Okay, I think that worked but typically, won’t know until I publish the post. *mutters something naughty beneath her breath* And remember, they’re thumbnails, so I haven’t actually cut off anyone’s head! Just click on the thumbnail for the full shot.

Now for the reeeally fun stuff — the action videos. OMG, they were awesome! I was sitting right up the front and captured some amazing action. I’ve just spent an entire morning reviewing my notes and watching these vids. If I ever decide to write in a sword-fighting scene, you can be sure I’ll be begging these guys to check it for authenticity!

And…. wouldn’t you know it? The vids all  exceed the maximum file size for the site. AAAAARGH!

Looks like I’ll be exploring how to set up a YouTube account and posting links to them instead.

I’ll er, keep you posted!


(Update: see next post for YouTube vids of Nic’s “Live by the Sword” workshop)



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