The name’s Bond, Sam Bond

Earlier this week, I had a SQUEEEEEEE! moment when a commenter on my website told me who the cover model for From The Ashes happens to be, and was kind enought to leave me a link to his website. (Thank you, Viking Princess!!!)

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Sam Bond


It turns out that Sam has graced the cover of many a romance novel — check out this blog featuring his covers.

From The Ashes is featured there, too *indulges in a slightly more restrained SQUEEE!*

And if you check out Sam’s official website — I particularly heart the Gallery page (for reasons that shall soon become obvious if you click here and have a nosy ’round) — you’ll soon discover that he’s also done a stint as Atlas, on the TV show Gladiators. I knew there was a reason I used to enjoy watching that show! (Click here for Atlas and Gladiators photos)

So there you go. From The Ashes’ hero Asher is actually Bond, Sam Bond.

How awesome is that???

Pretty. Darned. Awesome!

Hmmm. Wonder if I’ll ever figure out the name of the cover model used for the cover of Scent Of A Man? If I do, you’ll be the first to know.



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4 Responses to “The name’s Bond, Sam Bond”

  1. Yes, Sam Bond as Asher, the Phoenixae alien hero, is perfect for your book cover. That’s pretty cool that you watched him on Gladiators and now he’s on the cover of your book.

    • Maree says:

      It’s very cool! But I have to admit that because it was a few years ago I watched Gladiators, I would never have made the connection if you hadn’t sent me the link to his website. Our Mr Bond’s got such a changeable look — from vulnerable to total badass. He’s a very versatile model, indeed!

  2. Kylie Griffin says:

    What an interesting range of book covers he’s graced, Maree. The choice of several poses have proved popular by various e-book companies. Some have been digitally worked over, some better than others – LOL.

    • Maree says:

      That’s the thing with royalty-free stock photos: the person featuring in the photo has no control over how the photo is ultimately used, or the quality of the final product. Sam wasn’t even aware his photos have been used in book covers until he saw the blog displaying them all. I hope he likes my cover — I think it’s pretty darned good, but then, it’s no surpised that I am totally biased *grin*