Minna is the cat’s miaow

Did you know that our cat is famous?

Our feline fur-beast totally eclipses me. I mean, I’m only out in eBook  — she’s out in hard-cover! Sheesh. Soooo coming back as a cat next time round ;-)

Seriously though, she’s the subject of a book, and features on the cover of one of its earlier print-runs. She’s also named after a cat in a poem by William Butler Yeats.

To find out more about our famous cat, and her most embarassing moment, check out LoveCats Downunder and their current Catwalk Wednesday guest.



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2 Responses to “Minna is the cat’s miaow”

  1. Tez Miller says:

    So because she’s in hardcover, she goes around the house acting like she’s better than everyone…Wait, she was probably doing that BEFORE she went hardcover ;-)

  2. Maree says:

    She’s the kind of cat the SPCA were thinking of when they made the fridge magnet saying, “Cats were once worshipped as gods…and they have never forgotten this.” LOL.