Don’t mess with Murphy!

Hi all,

Have you ever heard people talk about Murphy’s Law? In a nutshell it’s this: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Which is why you don’t mess with it. Because the infamous “Murphy” will always ensure that “it” comes back to bite you in the bum.

I’ve experienced just this very thing today. And despite having a frisson crawl up my spine when I put this particular statement tempting fate out there for the world (and Murphy) to see, I figured hey, it’s just a saying. Nothing bad will come of it. Right?


Here’s how it went down.

Monday: the light-bulb over my desk blew.
Only mildly inconvenient because there’s three other bulbs in my office. Sure, it’s a wee tad annoying because now the lighting in the room isn’t at an optimum for spending long hours at the computer, but hey, so what.  Light bulbs blow all the time — with monotonous regularity. So I chose to ignore this “incident”.

Tuesday: my hairdryer quit working.
It wasn’t anything dramatic. No burning smell or impressive BANG! of the almost-give-you-heart-failure variety as it blew a fuse. It just kind of gave up the ghost. Turned it on. Dried half my hair. Turned it off to talk to one of the kids. Turned it on again… and nothing. Dead hairdryer. Slightly more inconvenient than a blown bulb but hey no biggie. DD has a hairdryer so I’ll just use hers until I get around to buying a new one.

Thursday: the fridge/freezer in the garage upped and died during the night.
Dammit! Wouldn’t you know it, I’d just filled the freezer with meat. (And let me clarify, this particular fridge/freezer is a household essential. It’s not just a beer fridge that we don’t care so much about, we need it for our overflow food. The only space for a fridge in our stupidly designed kitchen is so teeny it’s ridiculous. No way can we fit a week’s worth of bread, milk, meat etc for a family of 4 in the midget fridge/freezer we were forced to buy to fit that midget gap. What were the previous owners thinking when they redesigned the kitchen? Do they have spatial awareness issues? Who knows. It’s freaking beyond me.)

So there I am, in my robe, sluicing the dark green gunge and water leaking from the fridge’s innards out of the garage onto the driveway, and doubtless entertaining the builders working on the house next door. Next up, it’s emptying the freezer, and trying to cram as much as possible into the teeny tiny fridge/freezer in our aforementioned stupidly designed kitchen. Verdict? Maaaajor inconvenience. Not to mention the MASSIVE TIME-SUCK!!! of being forced to cook all the partially thawed meat that I couldn’t bear to toss before breakfast. Chicken curry, anyone? Like, for the next week???

And this is where tempting fate and messing with Murphy comes in.

It occurs to me then, that this is the second lot of bad luck we’ve had this week. First the hairdryer, then the garage fridge/freezer. Yikes. What next? The calamities seem to be getting bigger and more expensive, too. This is NOT GOOD. So, NOT GOOD in fact, that I mention it in a Facebook status update… as you do:

“Uh oh. Just realized that stuff like this tends to happen in threes. So far this week my hairdryer has packed up. And now the fridge/freezer. Please let the next thing to go be something small and inexpensive to replace!”

Then I remember the light-bulb. And, using the sort of twisted justification that only someone like me could come up with, I decide we’re in the clear. Because we’ve already had our three “bad” things:

1) the blown light-bulb

2) the dead hairdryer

3) the koozed fridge/freezer

Oh happy joy! Eureka! We’re home free!

And then I tempt fate by not only thinking this, but proclaiming it with much smugness to my DH, and putting it on Facebook:

“I’ve decided not to fret about the “bad shit happens in 3s” thing. The light bulb over my desk blew out earlier this week, so I reckon that counted as number 1. Right? (Light bulb, hairdryer, fridge/freezer — I’m done!)”

Friday: So, you’re dying to know what happened this morning to provoke this post, right?

DH left for work and was involved in a four-car accident on Pakuranga Highway. He had stopped at the lights when a car hit the car behind him, which shunted that car into his car, and shunted his car into the car ahead of him. Result? DH copped some whiplash, and needed to be checked out by a doctor, and have x-rays taken — thank all popular gods that he wasn’t seriously injured!

As for the car, the back of it is buggered. Who knew that a tow-bar could end up that squashed? It’s still driveable but so damaged that given the age and value of the car, the insurance company may decide to write it off.

Guess the light-bulb didn’t count after all :-(

Moral of the story: don’t tempt Murphy with smart-ass Facebook status updates. (Apparently Murphy isn’t a big fan of Facebook.)


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2 Responses to “Don’t mess with Murphy!”

  1. Lo says:

    Maree I AM Murphy’s Law!
    Seriously I often wonder if it’s me making things go wrong continually…lol

    I hope all is much better with you now

  2. Lo, I sooo know what you mean! Would you believe I just slipped on a stair and landed on concrete, and have spent the last 30 minutes icing my left wrist, my right knee and, you guessed it, the same ankle I hurt when I slipped over last time…. ARGH! I was just about to hop on the treadmill and try to walk off that Easter Egg I ate last night, too. That Murphy. He’s a mean mean man *sniff*