Merry Christmas!

Hi y’all,

It’s tricky figuring out time zones — so I’ll cover all my bases and post two different messages:

If you’re still in the throes of the big day, then…


And for those of us who’ve celebrated already, and are either hitting the Boxing Day sales or lounging round digesting yesterday’s Christmas feast…


I’m in the second category. Yesterday I had a very laid back Christmas Day morning with my husband & kids — and not too early a start, thank goodness! In fact it was about 7.15am — quite civilized, really.

We opened presents, and after a great cup of coffee & a delicious pain au chocolate, our one guest arrived. We cracked open some bubbly and lounged about in the sun for a bit, then we three adults got stuck in preparing Christmas lunch. Ham, fresh green beans, roasted root veges with garlic chips and fresh rosemary — not too difficult to prepare, easy to cook, and thankfully (coz with our weird stove you never quite know!) delicious. Then, as requested by our guest (and enthusiastically seconded by my husband & kids!) a rather non-traditional apple pie and ice cream for dessert.

Around 8pm we got peckish again — goodness knows why! — so we made ham, cheese & pineapple toasted sandwiches, broke open the chocolates & finished off some Pinot Gris. I think I finally hit the mattress just after midnight, and I gotta say, it was one of the least stressful Christmas Days I’ve ever hosted.

Throughout the day, we had phone calls from absent family and friends, but for once, I didn’t feel miserable celebrating a small, intimate Christmas with just us and a friend. I used to think Christmas was all about celebrating with heaps of people, and I would feel quite bereft if we were left to our own devices. It just didn’t feel right not to see my mom or my dad, my lovely in-laws and a heap of relatives. But as I’ve gotten older (maybe even wiser?) I realize that it’s not just about big family Christmases. It’s about being thankful that I have a husband who loves me & two wonderful kids, and it’s about being content to celebrate this special day with them. For me now, celebrating Christmas day with anyone else is just the icing on the Christmas cake — which is still sitting untouched in my pantry because we were too darn full of other food to even open the tin, LOL.

I’m grateful for what I have and I truly realize just how very lucky I am.

This morning we hit the local mall for the Boxing Day sales — my fault, as I had to buy an upgraded SIM card for my new phone so I could actually use the darn thing! I mean, no mobile phone for Christmas Day? Waaaaahh! How many messages had I missed? Who might have been trying to text me or ring me?

(Turns out it was quite a few people and I hope I’ll be forgiven for responding to my friends a day late. Sorry guys!)

At the mall, my kids spent some of their vouchers on books — they’re starting to take after their mother in that way and I’m so very proud ;-) And we managed to get back home before the mall traffic got too crazy. So I guess after I wash up the roasting pans which have been soaking overnight, that’ll be Christmas done and dusted for another year. Funny how after all the stress and worry and lead-up to Christmas Day, the actual Day itself is over so very quickly. But hey, I’ve got some wonderful photos and some equally wonderful memories.

So by the time MailChimp sends this newsletter out tonight, I guess Christmas will be over for all of you, too. Hope that your Christmas Day was as wonderful as mine, and that you got to spend it with a special person or the special people in your lives.




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3 Responses to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas Maree!!