I’ve just been to the Romance Writers of Australia blog, checking out their conference photo slide-show. And amongst all the wonderful photos, I found this one:

RomAus Sat, First Sale presentations

And standing there amongst all these ladies is a rather stunned looking Kiwi gal, who just can’t quite keep the broad grin off her face.

Why was I called up on stage in the first place?

Well, Romance Writers of Australia like to celebrate their members’ first sales by presenting them with a special ribbon to wear throughout the conference weekend. So there I was, sitting with the other delegats, clapping as each person’s name was called, and wammo! Was that my name?


Despite only recently having joined RomAus as part of my conference fees, despite being a New Zealander, and despite only having a barely 30,000 word novella published, I got called up on stage and presented with a first sale ribbon. I gotta tell you, I felt like a million bucks! And spotting this photo just brought it all rushing back.

So a special thank you to Romance Writers of Australia and their PAN rep, the lovely Bronwyn Jamieson, who organized this event. And yes, it might have only been about 10 minutes in duration, but for me, it sure as heck was an event. A particularly memorable one that I will always cherish.



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3 Responses to “Memories!”

  1. Erica Hayes says:

    Hey, there’s me, looking equally stunned! A nice occasion, to be sure :)

  2. Fantastic moment caught in this photo. Congrats& it must feel wonderful to have a sparkly moment in recognition of your writing. Well done. (and to you too Erica!) :)