Maree’s Crystal Warriors get bundled!

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Hi all,

Just in case you’ve, like, been sojourning on another planet and it’s escaped your notice ;-) a while ago I decided to self-publish what I term my “backlist”… namely a bunch of manuscripts that have done super-well on the contest circuit, but for whatever reason haven’t been “loved enough” by traditional publishers to score me that elusive contract offer.

Since then I’ve dived feet first into the world of indie-publishing and learned more than I ever wanted to know about quirks such as these:

  • Word sucks.
  • ePub files don’t support all the accents over foreign words (like when your character is speaking Mandarin, for example) whereas mobi files do.
  • Smashwords’ meatgrinder conversion process sometimes has a few issues that can defy logic… or what passes for logic in my brain, anyway.
  • That amazing royalty-free stock image I found after hours of searching? The one I thought was just damn perfect for my cover? Well it isn’t perfect… for a variety of reasons that I didn’t have the foggiest clue about until my cover artist extraordinaire educated me. (Back to the drawing board. Or in this case, squinting at teeny tiny thumbnails on stock photo sites and cursing their search parameters.)
  • Even a cover artist extraordinaire can’t work miracles with images… and that small change I thought was gonna be a piece of cake soooo isn’t.
  • Inserting bookmarks and hyperlinks, and then testing each one in your ToC, and then deleting all the hidden bookmarks that were created when you tested each link, is mind-numbingly boooooring.
  • No matter how perfect your file conversion turns out to be, there will always be a glitch when you upload it. Always. It’s, like, an immutable law of the universe.
  • Word sucks the big kumara!!!
  • Now that I’m indie-published as well as small press published I need an even thicker skin for reasons that I won’t go into because it’d take a whole entire blog post in itself.
  • Fans who take the time to email and say how much they enjoyed the book are The Most Wonderful Human Beings on the planet!!! (And I’m grateful to each and every one of you.)

I’ve just indie-published my first eBook Bundle — Books 1, 2 and 3 of The Crystal Warriors Series — which means that I’ve decided to experiment by making the first book in the series free to promote the bundle… as you do. Sometimes. Yanno, just to see what happens.


1. THE CRYSTAL WARRIOR (disillusioned dancer meets cursed warrior), winner of the RWNZ Clendon Award for full-length romantic manuscript, is now **FREE*** at the following outlets:

Smashwords | All Romance eBooks |
iTunes US | iTunes UK | iTunes NZ

Note that it’s US$0.99 across all Amazon eBook stores:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE |
Amazon FR | Amazon ES | Amazon IT|
Amazon JP | Amazon CA |

And, as at time of this blog going live, it’s still full price at Barnes & Noble, and Diesel eBooks (until the price reduction rolls out to them in due course.)

2. THE CRYSTAL WARRIOR SERIES BUNDLE (three full-length sexy paranormal romances: The Crystal Warrior, Ruby’s Dream, and Jade’s Choice), is now US$5.99 at various eBook outlets including:

Smashwords | B&N US |
Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE |
Amazon FR | Amazon ES | Amazon IT |
Amazon JP | Amazon CA |
All Romance eBooks |

It’ll roll out to B&N UK, Kobo, Sony & Diesel eBooks in due course, so please check the Books page for up-to-date buy links.





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