The One Where Maree Eats Humble Pie

I used to believe I was incapable of writing an outline and pre-plotting an entire book before I sat down to do the fun stuff – yanno, the writing-and-wondering-what’s-gonna-happen-next-bit. *VBG* I was a seat-of-the-pants writer. Period. But last year, because I’m, like, a total sucker for punishment, I decided that I was going to give this plotting business my best shot. After all, loads of other writers do it. And if I’m ever in the position of selling books to editors based on outlines, I needed to know how to do it, right?


So how did it go?

Well, that would be telling! Besides, I’ve revealed all over at the Fierce Romance blog *g*

And to entice y’all to pop on over and join in the fun that me and the commenters are having, there’s a giveaway, too.

See you at Fierce Romance, where Maree is eating humble pie ;-)




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