March meltdown cures

I was having a pretty shitty day until three things happened to turn it around:

  1. My DH (who’s feeling like crap today) still managed to wander upstairs with a coffee and a raspberry jam bun as a “thank-you” for me doing all his accounts and driving to the P.O. to pay his car rego… on a Sunday. Nothing like food and coffee to soothe the savage beast. He’s a very smart guy, LOL.
  2. Got an email from Fleur McDonald to tell me I’d won a copy of Border Watch by my Aussie author mate, Helene Young. Woot! Winning a book? Awesome. And even better when you know the author personally. Can’t wait to get my copy *VBG*
  3. And then, in a desperate attempt to procrastinate instead of updating my sadly neglected writing expenses spreadsheet, I just happened to check out the Smart Bitches Trashy Books blog — as you do — and found a link to THE MOST UPLIFTING VIDEO….

So this one’s for all the pissed off women who feel like their weekend has been a depressing litany of accounts, housework, cleaning up, and nagging kids, interspersed with a major bout of  “OMG, This Year Totally Sucks The Big Kumara And It’s Only Freaking March!” meltdown.

BTW: I’m not even gonna try and explain what the heck it’s advertising–if you’re curious, go visit Smart Bitches Trashy Books and they’ll give you the background low-down. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll be more than happy to watch the vid and forget about all the crap that’s going on in your life for a couple of minutes, while trying your darndest not to drool all over your keyboard ;-)

Three guesses who my favorite is!



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One Response to “March meltdown cures”

  1. Sandi Lomonaco says:

    OMG loved the video – went to the website of Fleggaard….WOWZA! Thanks for the *sigh* Maree!