Making over Freaks, Google Play and Libraries

Rather than hit y’all with a bunch of separate posts, thought I’d summarize the goings on all in one hit. And as a special treat, there’s a video at the end of this post for cat-lovers to chuckle over :)

First up…

The Freaks series is getting a makeover

Freaks of Greenfield High cover
Freaks in the City cover

As much as I love the current covers, we’ve decided there’s a disconnect between the covers and the contents, which I imagine can be jarring for readers. For example, I believe the cover of Freaks of Greenfield High suggests a contemporary YA with a high school setting, and it gives no hint whatsoever about the paranormal/sci-fi aspect (unless you have reeeeally good eyesight and take into account Jay’s freakishly bright blue eyes… which could just mean she wears contacts O.O). As one reader who reviewed the book so succinctly summed it up, this book was: “Not the geeky, nerds unite book I was expecting”.

So, although we won’t be changing the titles (for reasons I won’t go into here), we’re updating the covers of both books in the series to, 1) “brand” them as the same series, and 2) to make it evident the heroine of this series isn’t human. In other words, we want the promise inherent in the covers to match the contents of the books, and better meet the expectations of the reader.


In other Freaks news…

FREE Download of:

Freaks of Greenfield High

As part of an upcoming promo opportunity, I’ve brought forward my plans to discount the first book in the Freaks series. Which means Freaks of Greenfield High is currently FREE at the following retailers:

iBooks Stores Worldwide |
Smashwords |
B&N US |B&N UK |
Kobo | Google Play |
All Romance eBooks |

Note: Freaks of Greenfield High is currently US$0.99 (or equivalent foreign currency) on Amazon, but we hope the price-matching fairies will wave their magic wands and match the other retailers soon.


Speaking of other retailers….

My books are on Google Play

Well, not all my books, unfortunately. But my self-published books sure are.

Note that most are available in both PDF and epub formats, however at the time of this post, Ruby’s Dream and Jade’s Choice are only available as PDFs on Google Play. If your preferred retailer is Google Play, and you prefer epubs to PDFs, my apologies! But there is a logical reason behind this: we’re currently tweaking the content of all electronic formats so they exactly match the content of the print books. I can (and do!) format PDFs, but I prefer to leave epub and mobi editions to my formatter… who is also my cover designer… for both electronic and print editions. So as soon as the poor guy has a spare moment to work on those updates, I’ll upload the epubs to Google Play.

(Google Play direct links for my books have been added to the Buy links on my Books page.)


Still on the subject of books….

The Crystal Warriors Series in print

The Crystal Warrior (Book 1) and Ruby’s Dream (Book 2) are now available in trade paperback — WOOT! (See the Books page for more info, links, etc.)

Confession time: the print edition of Ruby’s Dream took a lot longer than we’d anticipated to be released because we were quite literally seeing orange instead of red.

Sheesh. Who would have thought getting a nice clear red on a print cover would be so darned difficult? But no matter how we tweaked, we kept getting a lovely shade of orangey red reminiscent of a freaking tomato. And as the book wasn’t called Tomato’s Dream… well, I’m sure you can understand our frustration.

Happily, the latest print proof was a vast improvement, so I could finally push the “approve proof” button and unleash Ruby’s Dream in trade paperback on an unsuspecting world *g*

Next up is Jade’s Choice. And here’s hoping we don’t have any cover issues with the color green O.O

Oh, before I forget: if you’re browsing the Auckland City Libraries catalog and happen to search for my name — unlikely, I know, but bear with me — you may see something like this:


How cool is that “1 copy ordered for” list???

(Hint: if you’re me, the prospect of browsing the shelves at your local library and spotting your book on the shelf is very cool indeed!)


Speaking of libraries…

Wheelers Books, a supplier to schools and public libraries, is carrying a number of my electronic books in both PDF and epub formats.

And because I wholeheartedly support libraries — and couldn’t survive without mine! — I’ve specified unlimited lending for each electronic edition. In other words, if a library purchases one of my electronic books from the Wheelers catalog, there is no restriction on the number of times it can be loaned out to that library’s patrons. (If you’ve not been following the great debate about eBooks in libraries, then you might not be aware that some publishers set limits on the number of times an eBook can be loaned out before the library must purchase another electronic copy from the publisher.)

Following is a list of the books I’ve contracted to Wheelers, plus the direct links to each book in the Wheelers online catalog:


Which brings me to that YouTube vid I mentioned. And you’d better believe I won’t be playing this vid when my kitten is in the room — I don’t want her getting any more ideas!

Have a great weekend,


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