Lycans and Demons and Lions, OH MY!

Just Googled one of my book titles — as you do when you need to check whether that heinous torrent site had acted on your Takedown Notice request yet (they haven’t, BTW. *insert appropriate expletives*) and found a silver lining in the form of a fantastic review. Just what I needed to buck me up — yahoo!

Why do I need bucking up?

Two reasons. 1) Because I slipped downstairs and twisted my ankle the other evening, and despite icing it and elevating it yadda yadda, the next morning,I had a weird lump where there shouldn’t be one. Which necessitated a Sunday morning trip to A&E 2) And did I mention it was my wedding anniversary? And I spent the day hobbling round trying not to wince? Major suckfest.

Anyway, it’s amazing how one can set aside the pain of having one’s work stolen by assholes with all the morals of tape-worms, and even ignore the throb of one’s injured ankle when one is negotiating those darned stairs, in the face of a bloody wonderful review.

I don’t know how this one slipped by my Google alerts, but it was the best kind of suprise *VBG* and I’m so thrilled with the review I’m going to feature it for a while, before I post it to the My Books page review section. Hey, every now and then, us poor hardworking authors are allowed to boast a bit, okay? There’s gotta be a few pros to go with all the cons, LOL.

Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews
Rating: 4 cherries

Reviewed by Wisteria

Lycans, and Demons, and Lions… OH MY! Draped in fiction, magic, and intrigue– Let Sleeping Demons Lie is a seductively designed package, just waiting to be ripped apart for your pleasure.

A scheming Demon King has decided to kill the proverbial “two birds with one stone” when he sends his toady demon, Belphagor and a Beguiler, Naamah, into the Lycan world to stop the co-mingling of the two species. Or, so he says. Unbeknownst to Belphegor, he’s being sent on a suicide mission, and Naamah — terrified of were-forms — is cast down, helpless and stripped of her memories and her powers.

This story jumps right in with a devilishly sinful, captivating prologue that will have you saying ‘just one more page’ through the whole story. Admittedly, I intended on only reading the first few pages to get a feel for the book, but found myself moving onto the next chapter and the next, until my son is telling me he is tired and wants to go to bed… and he hasn’t had dinner yet! (eek!)

The Prime of the Lycans, Brennan, is lustfully sinful, with a primal, carnal desire that makes you find ways to relate to him. His sex appeal jumps off the page and makes you want more of his animal instinct and possessive nature. The scenes of lust and love between Brennan and Naamah, his “Kitten”, vary between species – humanoid, felinoid, and lion alike – but it’s always well-written and well-scripted. The enemies in this novel are well-written and take on a whole life of their own. The creepy main she/he Hyena, Cass, jumps off the page and I’m sure I’ll have nightmares of that sinister beast tonight.

The best part about this story is that there IS a story. One laced with equal parts of need, desire, lust, passion and real conflict between the characters. There is an underlying age-old undertone of the characters “wants” versus their “destiny” at play. You want Brennan and “Kitten” to be together, but the obligations and risks are high if both give into their desires. Even though the story is short, it is enjoyable nonetheless, and in this case — size really doesn’t matter. I give this book four cherries and I’d highly recommend it to anyone that loves paranormal romances with some torridly good, beastly interludes mixed in.

Now that’s what I call the cherry on top.



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4 Responses to “Lycans and Demons and Lions, OH MY!”

  1. Sandi Lomonaco says:

    OH Maree so sorry about your ankle!! :( and the messed up anniversary, but WOW girl what a fantastic review! KUDOS for you!!!!

  2. Lo says:

    Maree hope your ankle is better now coz I am wayyyyyyyyyy behind but your newsletter did not get to me…big sigh.

    Great review and well deserved!

    • Maree says:

      Thanks, Lo *VBG* And the ankle is getting there. Gonna try some dancing on Thursday — provided it holds up during the karate class beforehand. Toes crossed ;-)