Local Library Surprise!

So, on Friday last week I was out shopping with DH, and he dragged me into our local library branch —  as you do… uh, make that as you don’t! By that, I mean that although I frequent the local library, he doesn’t. He’s more your subscribe to The Economist for “recreational” reading kinda guy. And when I did the whole eyebrow raise thing, he elaborated with, “Don’t you want to check if it’s on the shelf?”

Uh, okay. Sure. But… what are the chances of that???

This is one of those cases where a picture tells a thousand words, but in case you have no idea what I’m going on about, I’ll add this: *cough*The Crystal Warrior print book!*cough*

*Maree makes a spectacle of herself by taking photos of her book*

*Maree exits library with huge grin plastered across her face*

*Maree doesn’t quit grinning for quite some time, and quite possibly scares other shoppers*

Um, yeah: Best unplanned wedding anniversary present ever!!!

And yes, we were married on the Fourth of July, which has been henceforth jokingly known in our household as DH’s “Loss of Independence Day” ;-)




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