Getting all linky & a wee bit ranty

Hi all,

To round off my posts for the month of March, if you pop on over to our Writers Gone Wild blog, you’ll see that a few more Wild Women have been added to our blog roll. And one of these lovely ladies has even consented to partner with me. Which means we’ll be blogging alternate weeks. Which means I get a rest from having to come up with Exciting! Relevant! Interesting! topics every week. Not that I’m incapable of it, but it does kinda make me feel like my brain is gonna explode. Which would be messy in the extreme, don’t you reckon?

And, more importantly, followers of the Writers Gone Wild blog will get a rest from my weekly posts. I reckon it’s a win-win situation *VBG*

But I digress. As y’all know, I don’t usually cross post links to WGW here on my personal blog unless I’ve discussed something that could be construed as relevant to writing or the industry in general. Just my way of trying to protect you, gentle readers, from me going off on a rant/waffling on about stuff that has nothing remotely to do with books, writing or the industry.

Today, however, I’ve indulged in a little bit of a linkfest which might be of interest to many of you, so I’ll summarize them here.

The topics include:

  • How not to respond to a reviewer if you’re a self-published author — or any kind of author for that matter.
  • How to turn a negative review into a positive — and convince people to buy the book in question. (AKA being a class act!)
  • Turning down an OMG FREAKING HUUUUUGE advance in favor of self-publishing your own books.
  • Making an OMG FREAKING HUUUUUGE bundle of money from self-publishing your own books. And then signing a contract with a Real Publisher.

And the wee bit ranty part? Well, that’s right at the end, so feel free to ignore.

And to reward you all for heading over to read my last Writers Gone Wild post before the new regime of Wild Women is ushered in, here’s a special treat just for you.



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