A different kind of hell

Since I’m awfully late posting July’s reading list, I’ll try’n keep my ramblings short and sweet. Which means choosing only one book to rave about from the list. But oh, it’s gonna be sooo hard to choose just one *sobs piteously* *takes a deep breath and…*

Okay, I’ve chosen one, and it happens to be the sole sci-fi/futuristic one of the bunch. Yep, I’m talking about Perdition by Ann Aguirre. (Pssst. The link takes you to the book’s page on the author’s website, where you can read an excerpt from Perdition: You’re welcome!)

The first thing that attracted me to this book and enticed me to give it a go was the blurb:

The prison ship Perdition, a floating city where the Conglomerate’s most dangerous criminals are confined for life, orbits endlessly around a barren asteroid. 
Life inside is even more bleak. Hailed as the Dread Queen, inmate Dresdemona “Dred” Devos controls one of Perdition’s six territories, bordered on both sides by would-be kings eager to challenge her claim. Keeping them at bay requires constant vigilance, as well as a steady influx of new recruits to replace the fallen. Survival is a constant battle, and death is the only escape.
Of the newest convicts, only one is worth Dred’s attention. The mercenary Jael, with his deadly gaze and attitude, may be the most dangerous criminal onboard. His combat skill could give her the edge she needs, if he doesn’t betray her first. Unfortunately, that’s what he does best. Winning Jael’s allegiance will be a challenge, but failure could be worse than death…

And the second thing was the kick-ass woman on the cover, which, combined with this hook: “No guards. No escape. Only the strong survive.” ticked all my “Oooh, must grab a copy of this ASAP!” boxes :) Lastly, who can resist a heroine called “Dred”? Not me, apparently :)


Did the contents live up to the promise of the cover and blurb?


Dred is a fantastic character — capable, tough, defiant, determined, yet at times vulnerable, too. (Though she’d probably kill you if you were stupid enough to mention that to her face.) She’s done awful things but she owns them. By that, I mean she doesn’t make excuses. Sure, she believes she had good reasons — the same kind of reasons a vigilante might use to justify having executed a bunch of really bad people, that no one can deny the world is far better off without. But bottom line? Dred is a killer, and she makes no apologies for that.

And now for the awesome twist: our killer took out the leader of her faction, and to her dismay, was thrust into the role of the “Dred Queen”. Which basically means she’s now responsible for protecting, feeding, housing, and disciplining her very own bunch of dangerous criminals who have nothing left to lose… and who’re all just waiting for her to show any sign of weakness so they can take her down. Well, at least she’s responsible for them until Perdition falls apart and the ship crashes into the asteroid it’s orbiting.

Yep, Perdition is totally my book-catnip.

Somehow, Ms Aguirre manages to make Dred ruthless but honorable in her way. Dred doesn’t balk at making the hard calls, yet she’s still a character you can sympathize with, and get behind. And I was so intrigued by the mysterious Jael — Dred’s newest recruit — that I’ll be checking out Ms Aguirre’s Sirantha Jax series series for sure :)

You can’t escape the despair that drives and defines all the main characters. But Perdition is tempered with small glimmers of hope, too. Though I gotta say, I have no idea how this series is going to play out. I mean, Dred is imprisoned with a bunch of convicts on a freaking derelict ship that’s falling apart. Even if she somehow escapes, she’s still a wanted criminal. How is this possibly going to end well for her?

Can’t wait to find out, though :)

And here’s my full reading list for July 2015:

  • The Sassy One by Susan Mallery
  • Dead on the Delta by Stacey Jay
  • The Sparkling One by Susan Mallery
  • The Seductive One by Susan Mallery
  • The Marcelli Bride by Susan Mallery
  • A Lady’s Guide to Improper Behavior by Suzanne Enoch
  • The Marcelli Princess by Susan Mallery
  • Rules of an Engagement by Suzanne Enoch
  • The Trouble With Honor by Julia London
  • Love and Other Scandals by Caroline Linden
  • The Boss’s Christmas Baby by Trish Morey
  • In Bed With The Boss by Sharon Kendrick
  • The Billionaire’s Bridal Bargain by Lynne Graham
  • That New York Minute by Abby Gaines
  • Mr. Unforgettable by Karina Bliss
  • A Prior Engagement by Karina Bliss
  • Like Father, Like Son by Karina Bliss
  • Perdition by Ann Aguirre
  • The Apollonides Mistress Scandal by Tessa Radley
  • His Mistress by Morning by Elizabeth Boyle
  • Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt
  • When the Duke Returns by Eloisa James
  • The Fallen Greek Bride by Jane Porter
  • Sweet Trouble by Susan Mallery
  • How to Seduce a Duke by Kathryn Caskie
  • The Virgin And His Majesty by Robyn Donald
  • Sweet Talk by Susan Mallery

Happy Reading!



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