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Hi all,

My apologies for being AWOL and very very late with this post. Family has been my priority these past few weeks. And believe me, there’s nothing like a smack upside the head in the form of multiple family members dealing with health issues to re-sort your priorities! Social media presence suddenly takes a backseat when people you love are unwell.

Library Wars 1, coverBut back to books. Some of the standout reads for me in July were:

The Chocolate Rose by Laura Florand (Ms Florand always delivers an emotional read that tugs at the heartstrings. I love her “Chocolate” series; chocolate + romance = WIN!)

Three historical romances by Courtney Milan: Unraveled, Unveiled, and Unclaimed. (Whoa. Fantastic reads. Ms Milan sets the bar for historical romance very very high indeed, and these books in her “Turner” series are no exception.)

The Golem and the Djinni by Helene Wecker: “An immigrant tale that combines elements of Jewish and Arab folk mythology” (Fascinating time period, and beautifully written. Note: I believe the US edition title is The Golem and the Jinni.)

And the book — or books! — I’d like to bring to your attention this month is a Manga series DD got from the library. The series is called Library Wars. And, honestly, for an avid reader like me, who frequents libraries and always finds new books and authors to add to her already overflowing keeper shelf (and always blows her book budget!), how awesome is THAT for a series title???

Here’s the blurb:

Library Wars: Winning the war on information, one book at a time!

In the near future, the federal government creates a committee to rid society of books it deems unsuitable. The libraries vow to protect their collections, and with the help of local governments, form a military group to defend themselves–the Library Forces!

Iku Kasahara has dreamed of joining the Library Defense Force ever since one of its soldiers stepped in to protect her favorite book from being confiscated in a bookstore when she was younger. But now that she’s finally a recruit, she’s finding her dream job to be a bit of a nightmare. Especially since her hard-hearted drill instructor seems to have it in for her!

What a great concept. Loved it! Looking forward to getting my hands on the 4th book of the series :)

Library Wars is based on an original concept by Hiro Arikawa, with story and art by Kiiro Yumi.

And… here’s July’s full reading list:

  • Sweet Memories by Steena Holmes**
  • Take Me, Cowboy by Jane Porter**
  • The Honorable Maverick by Alison Roberts
  • The Unsung Hero by Alison Roberts
  • Higurashi; When They Cry (Curse Killing Arc 2) by Ryukishio7
  • Miracle On Kaimotu Island by Marion Lennox
  • Always The Hero by Alison Roberts
  • The Chocolate Rose by Laura Florand
  • White Balance by Ainslie Paton
  • Shadows on the Soul by Jenna Black
  • Unraveled by Courtney Milan
  • The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker
  • Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson
  • Unveiled by Courtney Milan
  • The Raven Ring by Patricia C. Wrede
  • From Venice With Love by Alison Roberts
  • Christmas With Her Ex by Fiona McArthur
  • Unclaimed by Courtney Milan
  • Library Wars; Love & War, 1: Story and art by Kiiro Yumi, original concept by Hiro Arikawa
  • Library Wars; Love & War, 2: Story and art by Kiiro Yumi, original concept by Hiro Arikawa
  • Library Wars; Love & War, 3: Story and art by Kiiro Yumi, original concept by Hiro Arikawa

**A Sweet Life Boxed Set

Happy Reading!


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