Joseph and Liliana get another chance!

Sorry about the lack of posts, lately. I’ve been frantically reworking a manuscript so that I can get started on a new project —  another rework of an old manuscript, which I’m gonna be turning from a fantasy-with-an-erotic premise into a full-on, unabashed erotic romance. It’s going to be a bit of a mission, but one I can’t wait to get started on.


Because *squeals with excitement* I’ve contracted the reworked manuscript to Red Sage.

The title of the manuscript is Scent Of A Man, and it’s my twisted take on a historical. Scent Of A Man won the From The Heart Romance Writers Golden Gateway contest grand prize for highest scoring manuscript in first round judging back in 2008, and placed second overall in the paranormal category of the contest. It’s also place in a couple of other contests, so I kinda figured it was worth pursuing and not giving up on entirely. And now my lovely editor, Judith, (visionary that she is! LOL) has convinced me that it’s worth dusting off and sorting out.

It was a good story before, but I never truly committed to the erotic premise. Heck, I was having too much fun playing with a fanatically religious Regency cum Quaker world that preached female subjugation and pitting it against a sexually emancipated society where women were free to take lovers and sex was just another commodity. But I know Judith will keep me on track if I’m tempted to wallow, LOL.

So for those of you who used to belong to the L.I.S.T. forum, and read the excerpt I posted there, you’ll be pleased to know that Joseph is finally going to get his story told. And believe me, he’ll be getting up to a heckuva lot more mischief than he did in the original story ;-) Poor Liliana is going to have quite a job on her hands bringing this new and improved Scentinel to heel!

Anyway, that’s it for the news, so time to post the reading list for June:

  • Nightpeople: Book 1 of The Darklands Trilogy by Anthony Eaton
  • Skyfall: Book 2 of The Darklands Trilogy by Anthony Eaton
  • Chill Factor by Rachel Caine
  • Windfall by Rachel Caine
  • Thin Air by Rachel Caine
  • The Naked Gentleman by Sally MacKenzie
  • Price of Passion by Susan Napier
  • I’ve Got You, Babe by Karen Kendall
  • Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye by Victoria Laurie
  • See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson
  • Hourglass by Claudia Gray
  • Kiss Me Deadly by Michele Hauf
  • Rumors by Anna Godbersen
  • Percy Jackson and The Sea Of Monsters by Rick Riordan
  • Four Play by Fiona Walker
  • Jamie by Lori Foster
  • The Nanny Affair by Robyn Donald
  • Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr

Catch you later!



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2 Responses to “Joseph and Liliana get another chance!”

  1. Sandi Lomonaco says:

    OH Maree I am sooo excited for you!!! I cannot wait to read Joseph’s story. Congrats!!

    • Maree says:

      Thanks, Sandi! It’s gonna be a big job and I’m gonna be stressing to the max because I need to get it just “right”. But I’m thrilled to bits and beyond for the chance to get Joseph’s story out there. Yay! Will keep you posted on my progress *VBG*