Is it really a word?

Today’s Word Of The Week is one that our family has known for quite some time, and is always worth a giggle or three.

And it was even more amusing when a radio announcer saw it mentioned last week in a news article… and did a classic double-take until she realized it wasn’t a misprint. She was so chuffed by this new word, that she mentioned it on talkback radio–much to DH’s delight. Nothing like feeling smug about a well-known radio announcer discovering a word that you already know, right?


To give you some background, the news article she read was about a man who’d gone all vampiric on a mate who’d been hitting on his girlfriend. (A ‘mate’ in this context is a male friend, for those of you who don’t hail from Downunder.) Yep, they were all a bit drunk, so this guy decided to bite his mate. More than once. In some strange places. And things got out of hand, and the bite-ee ended up losing blood, losing consciousness, and being taken to hospital, where he’s reportedly rather traumatized by it all. Oookay. Methinks these guys might have been more than just drunk.

Anyway, when our unsuspecting radio announcer read in the newspaper that the biter had bitten his mate on the wenis, you can imagine her reaction. It went something like, “Huh??? *giggle* That’s gotta be a misprint. In which case…. Yikes. Ewww!”

And then it went something like, “Hold on a sec. From the context, that’s not a misprint at all. *does a bit of checking online and such* Ohhh.”

So, without further ado, to the Word Of The Week:

WENIS: noun — the loose portion of nerveless skin on the elbow (easily located when the arm is straightened)

That definition is my own words, BTW.  And if you pinch this loose skin, it won’t hurt. (As numerous YouTube videos of idiots doing idiotic things like stapling their wenis will attest *shakes head in mock-despair*)

But before you go eagerly forth to use this word in conversation and amaze your friends, here’s something to consider: Is wenis really a word?

I’ve searched far and wide and so far, I can’t find an “official” source that lists it. However, the English language is ever-evolving, and as we all know, popular usage often becomes set in stone. Or at least, included in the latest edition of some well respected dictionary. In the case of wenis, that hasn’t happened yet, but it might just have gained a measure of respectability by being mentioned in both a newspaper, and on a national radio talkshow.

Regardless, it’s a rather strange little word for a rather strange little portion of our anatomy. And even if it has indeed been thought up by some wag, I hope it sticks. It’s words like this one that make our kids giggle when they’re obliged to thumb through a dictionary. And the English language can always do with more strange little words that provoke childish giggles, don’t you think?



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2 Responses to “Is it really a word?”

  1. Tez Miller says:

    How do you pronounce “wenis”?