International Celebration of Birds in Storytelling

Cover image courtesy Frances Schmechel, Creative Commons LicenceHey y’all,

Remember I mentioned a while back I mentioned I’d been selected as one of featured writers to participate in Margaret Atwood/BirdLife international’s campaign on Wattpad?

This campaign is to raise awareness about endangered birds, conservation, and to encourage storytelling as an awareness tool to highlight causes that are dear to our hearts.

I decided to challenge myself a bit by writing a short-story. (And if you know me at all, I’m a person who never uses one word when a whole paragraph will do, so a short-story wasn’t going to be an easy task!)

I’m proud to share that my Birdlife Campaign story is now live on Wattpad. It’s a story aimed at young adults, and it goes without saying it has a paranormal element… I just couldn’t help myself ;-)

KELLY’S BLACK ROBIN is dedicated to New Zealand’s Chatham Island Black Robin — a bird whose recovery from the brink of extinction (only five robins remaining not so long ago!) is considered an international success story.

Click here to read KELLY’S BLACK ROBIN on Wattpad.

(There’s no login required to read the story, but if you’d like to vote or comment — and I hope you will! — then you will need a login.)

And because this post is also to help raise awareness of the challenges facing the Chatham Island Black Robin, I’ve included a bunch of links to clips and other interesting info touched on in Kelly’s Black Robin.

And if you’re short on time, I’d encourage you to check out The Man Who Saved The Black Robin and Seven Black Robins:





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