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Hi all,

Today, over at Fierce Romance, I’m blogging about inspiration.

My first effort at writing a manuscript was tragic! I was on a bit of a chick-lit reading bender at the time, and having been told I was a relatively amusing person (okay okay, borderline sarcastic), and having dealt with some pretty awful personal crap over the years, I figured I should be able to write something witty and funny and poignant. Right?

Luckily for acquiring agents and editors everywhere, I never got past the first page. And I believe it didn’t work because there was no true inspiration behind the idea, no compulsion to shriek, “OMG, how awesome would that be to write about?! Crap, why can I never find a pen when I need one? Honey, get off the damn computer ‘coz I need to start writing this or I’ll freaking well explode!”

So what finally inspired me to write a halfway decent story–and keeping on writing stories until I got published?

If you’re interested, swing on by Fierce Romance and, hopefully, be inspired.

And don’t forget to leave a comment over there about what inspires you, too. And not just writing-related inspiration, but anything and everything *VBG*

BTW, there’s also a draw to win an electronic copy of Let Sleeping Demons Lie, so don’t be shy!



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