Best of the Independent eBook Awards

One of my overseas author friends just emailed me with  “Did you see this?” and the following link:

Erm… Short answer: nope!

And I gotta say, after a broken night’s sleep (sore throat, blech! TG it’s a long weekend so I have tomorrow off) what a fab start to an otherwise dismal Sunday morning :)

Seems Freaks of Greenfield High has been nominated in the “Best YA category” of the eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards — WOOT!

What is eFestival of Words, you might ask? (Don’t worry: I had to look it up, too!)

“The eFestival of Words, scheduled for August 17-19, 2012, is the first virtual book fair designed specifically to highlight the best of the independent digital publishing community. The awards program is one of many events being run in conjunction with the fair.

According to Event Coordinator Julie Ann Dawson, “The goal of the eFestival of Words Awards is to highlight those independent authors and publishers that have worked to raise the bar in terms of the literary quality and production value and of digital books. Many people still think of ebooks as nothing more than scanned pages of print books. We hope that both the fair and the awards will help readers discover the amazing wealth of original content being produced in digital formats.”

Dawson, who has operated Bards and Sages Publishing since 2002, says that all nominees were nominated by their peers in the industry. Only authors, publishers, and others involved in the production of digital books were invited to submit ballots. Nominations were accepted in over two dozen categories, including genre categories (horror, romance, thrillers, etc), format-specific (short story, novella, novel) and a few just-for-fun categories (such as The “I’ve Been Shyamalaned” Award for Best Twist Ending).”

BTW,  initially I figured this must be one of my ‘grey’ moments where I entered a book in a contest and promptly forgot all about it. But I’m pretty darn meticulous about keeping records of contests I enter and suchlike, so I’m 99.99% certain I  didn’t enter Freaks in these awards myself. So after reading the official press release, all I can presume is that one of my peers must have done so on my behalf. (And to whomever thought highly enough of Freaks to enter it in the awards — thank you so much!)

Looking at the Best YA category nominations, I see a lot of amazing books by authors I know from my IndiePub writers’ loops, as well as some pretty big-name authors, so I have no expectations whatsoever of making it through to the next round (finalists will be announced on July 1st). But I’m honored and humbled and very, very, thrilled to have made it to this preliminary round — especially with a story I first wrote back in 2008/9 that was this far away (think thumb and forefinger with the merest sliver of a gap between them) from languishing forever on my harddrive.

Here’s the full list of Best YA category nominations — good luck, everyone! I know someone’s gotta win but I reckon we’re all winners for getting this far :)

eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards

Best Young Adult:

  • Double Clutch by Liz Reinhardt (Liz Reinhardt)
  • Freaks of Greenfield High by Maree Anderson (Maree Anderson)
  • Pride’s Run by Cat Kalen (Cat Kalen)
  • The Deepest Cut by J.A. Templeton (J.A. Templeton)
  • Priscilla the Great by Sybil Nelson (Sybil Nelson)
  • The Book of Lost Souls by Michelle Muto (Michelle Muto)
  • The Curse Girl by Kate Avery Ellison (Kate Avery Ellison)
  • Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula by Elise Stokes (JAC Publishing)
  • Flow by H.C. Lawrence (Doopleganger Books)
  • Codename Dancer by Amanda Brice (Amanda Brice)
  • Mark of the Dragon Queen by Katie W. Stewart (Katie W. Stewart)
  • My Blood Approves by Amanda Hocking (Amanda Hocking)
  • Concisus by Tracy Rozzlynn (Tracy Rozzlynn)
  • Fearless Magic by Rachel Higginson (Rachel Higginson)
  • Half Black Soul by H.D. Gordon (H.D. Gordon)
  • Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park (Jessica Park)
  • Neeta Lyff: Zombie Exterminator by Karina Lumbert Fabian (Damnation Books)

(Read the full list of nominees across all categories here.)

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4 Responses to “Best of the Independent eBook Awards”

  1. Woohoo, congratulations!

  2. Maree – Fantastic news. It just keeps getting better. More justification for you to continue writing. Well done. So very happy for you. Hugs.

    PS We must catch up for coffee sometime soon. I’m having withdrawal symptoms.