Important message for subscribers

Hi everyone,

This is an important message for current newsletter subscribers, so please check it out and TYIA!

We’re changing the way newsletters are delivered.

At the moment, a “newsletter” is generated every time I publish a new post, and subscribers have opted to receive these “newsletters” daily (i.e. every time I post) or weekly (i.e. a weekly summary of posts) via the newsletter sign-up section on the sidebar, which looks like this:

Newsletter subscription graphic


But I feel these notifications aren’t really newsletters; they’re simply notifications that I’ve published a new post to the blog part of my website. And if you’ve subscribed weekly, and I’m posting to notify you of some deal or promo or offer or whatever, that’s running for a very limited time, by the time you get your weekly “newsletter” with a summary of posts made that week, it’s too late.

So we’re going to turn off this automatic newsletter function. 

And we’ll be substituting a more traditional manual newsletter that will be used to inform subscribers of new releases, subscriber-only special offers, giveaways, important news, etc.

Here are some options….

1. For those who are currently subscribed to daily or weekly newsletters:

  • If you’re happy to only receive newsletters whenever I have a new release, subscriber-only special offer, giveaways, important news to impart etc., then PLEASE DON’T DO ANYTHING; you will automatically receive the newsletters whenever we send them out.
  • If you’d still like to receive notifications each time I publish a new post, then PLEASE SUBSCRIBE VIA RSS FEED. The RSS Feed button can be found the top of each website page and looks like this:

RSS Feed button

2. For those who currently subscribe via RSS Feed:

In addition to notifications each time a new post is published, if you’d also like to receive the occasional newsletter informing you of new releases, subscriber-only special offers, giveaways, important news, etc., then PLEASE SUBSCRIBE USING THE “Subscribe to my Newsletter” BUTTON ON THE SIDEBAR. (Note: there will obviously no longer be a Daily/Weekly option, so the signup form will be updated to reflect this.)

Thanks for bearing with me while we sort things out.

If you have any questions, please raise them in the comments section of this post and I’ll do my best to clarify.




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