No humans were involved in this translation!

I was a guest author over at Romance Reviews Today a couple of days back and in due course, the Google Alert I’d set up informed me of that very fact — you gotta love it when these things actually work the way they’re supposed too, huh?

What I also discovered was that my interview had been snitched and posted to a French Canadian blog called “demons tv“.

Well, kinda snitched. And then mucked up big time — whoa, had it ever!

In fact, it’d been translated into French, then translated BACK into English….Very. Bad. English.  And believe me, it’s so dreadful it’s actually extremely entertaining!

Here’s a sample:

“She’s a squally mouse who’s done some remarkably in question things and blameworthiness is eating her cognizant of. Alcohol and cooling carnal congress are her chosen methods of self-destruction and she’s embracing both with a wholeheartedly. But metrical the most badass addict in Hell can come a section mostly fed up, so Rez leave and took up beguiling humans.”

I suspect No Humans Were Involved.  It’s gotta be a Google translator, surely, because I just can’t imagine any actual translator being so…so…laughably incompetent!

Anyway, for your reading pleasure, here’s the original RomRevToday post (just so you can see that although I might have been taking medication at the time, I wasn’t entirely blotto when I wrote this). And here’s the English-to-French-to-English version.


I know once I got over the shock, I certainly did ;-)



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