Home Grown Romances on iBookstores downunder!

Hi all,

Just a quick update to Tuesday’s post:

The Home Grown Romance promo is now even easier to check out: just look for this banner on the main Books page on iBookstore NZ and iBookstore Australia .


All it takes is a click on the banner to check out a range of wonderful Home Grown Romances (in a range of genres!) from Australian and New Zealand Authors on iBookstore AU and iBookstore NZ.

*cough* NZ$4.00 off LIGHTNING RIDER on iBookstore NZ *cough*
*clears throat* AU$3.00 off LIGHTING RIDER on iBookstore AU

And just in case you’re the sort who likes a sneak peek, here’s a screen capture of what’s on offer:


So, if you’re a Kiwi or an Aussie (or you shop at iBookstore NZ or AU), and you love reading romance, what are you waiting for? Starting from 99c, these Home Grown Romances are a steal! Hmmm. Now where did I put my iPhone….

(Promo ends 17th July 2013.)

Oh, and don’t forget, The Crystal Warrior and Seer’s Hope are currently FREE at iBookstores worldwide — links are available on my Books page.

Happy reading!


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