Holding on for that hero

I recently visited my friend Nalini’s blogsite (see links on bottom right of my Welcome page) and she’s running a competition for all you bloggers out there to write in and tell her about your favorite hero. Now I haven’t figured out who mine is – yet – but Nalini’s competition reminded me of a little gem sent through our writers’ loop last year and I’d like to share it with you. It was posted to the loop by Gracie – thanks for sharing, Gracie!

A hero must be:
-brave enough to face the danger;
-creative enough to solve the conflicts that arise;
-driven enough to keep going against all odds;
-patient enough to keep his cool;
-friendly enough to attract the heroine;
-vulnerable enough to allow his human side to be seen;
-flexible enough to change direction when necessary;
-caring enough to think of the little important things;
-smart enough to make good decisions, and
-desperate enough to do ANYTHING to get the girl.

Of course, it also helps if they’re sexy as hell like Nalini’s Lucas, Vaughn and Judd, sigh…..

And BTW, great competition idea, Nalini! Now I have an excuse to revisit some of my favorite heros and drool over them again. Now where’d that box of tissues go?




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