Hmm. What makes it a favorite?

I’m a fan of watching what I guess in the movie world falls under the broad umbrella of SciFi. Anything from an epic fantasy like Lord Of The Rings, and your more traditional vampires and werewolves, to apocalyptic near-futuristic stuff, or full-on space epics like the latest Star Trek.

Zombieland. Boy, that movie was all kinds of squishy awesome-sauce (sorry about the visual, LOL). There’s not many movies that me, hubby and the kids can all watch together and alternate between screaming “Eeeeuuww!” at the epic gross-out factor, and screaming with laughter. Then there’s From Dusk Till Dawn which had a fantastically high body-count, too, but in a much more dark and scary way. OMG, sooo did not see the vampire angle coming.

Vampire movies of course segue neatly into a few of my favourite examples: Blade, Underworld and Perfect Creature. I reeeally heart the last one because it stars Dougray Scott, it’s kinda steampunkish, and it’s made in New Zealand so I can play spot the local actor. And did I mention it stars Dougray Scott? (Click here to watch the trailer.)

Mmm. Hot leading men. The Chronicles of Riddick, with Vin Diesel. That voice—aw, heck, the whole package, really. *swoons* And let’s not forget Kiwi hunk Karl Urban as Necromonger, Vaako. Yum! Oh, and Constantine with Keanu Reeves—scary-ass angels or what??? I had a real “OMG, excellent!” moment the real ending of Constantine–the one that I didn’t see the first time I watched the DVD because you have to keep watching past the credits!

Then there’s classic SciFi like Blade Runner and The Matrix. And a whole host others that I just love for a variety of reasons, like Serenity, Ultraviolet, Aeon Flux….. I could go on and on, flicking through the contents of our DVD cabinet, recommending this movie or that movie. But I find I’ve often got to be in just the right ‘mood’ to watch certain SciFi DVDs again and again. I don’t mind the main characters being put through hell, but for me to want to watch a movie over and over again, I need more than the characters kicking a heap of butt, surviving against all odds, and then walking off into the sunset…in opposite directions.

Dammit, for a DVD to be a multi-played favourite that I’m always in the mood to watch, I need romance! Which is probably why I love The Fifth Element to bits and beyond and can watch it over and over. Korben Dallas helps save the world and gets the girl. Yes!

What can I say? I’m a complete sap for movies with a good strong romantic foundation. And I reckon this is why I’m such a big fan of reading paranormal romance—in fact, any romance of the speculative fiction persuasion.

Here’re just a few of my favourite SFR (speculative fiction romance) books/series:

So what’s your favourite SFR (speculative fiction romance) book or series?

Oh, and have you read any that you reckon would make an awesome movie?

Me, I’d love to see Nalini’s Angels’ Blood turned into a movie…. (Peter Jackson, I hope you’re reading this!)



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4 Responses to “Hmm. What makes it a favorite?”

  1. Hey Maree,

    I watched Zombieland last week and laughed my head off. Love all the ‘rules’ :)

    As for SFR – in tv series, I love John and Aeryn’s love story in Farscape.

    Books – J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood is a favourite.
    I adored Keri Arthur’s Nikki & Michael Series (love Riley Jensen but that is more DUF), and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series is great too.

    I’m enjoying Nalini’s Slave to Sensation now.

    So many books, so little time.

    • Maree says:

      Ah, The Rules! They were awesome *VBG* And gosh, I remember watching Farscape years and years ago — really must look for the DVDs. Just like I really must watch Firefly and Dark Angel again — not to mention buy the next series of Dead Like Me. I need a clone! Well, two would be good, actually: one to write, one to read and watch TV/movies, and one to do mum-stuff!

  2. Kylie Griffin says:

    Farscape is a winner for me – the whole Erin & John romance just gets me every time.

    Maree, I reckon this would make a great post for Dark Side DownUnder – spark some good conversation and comparisons.

    • Maree says:


      Another Farscape fan, huh? We’re all coming out of the woodwork. Note to self: stop saying you will go find the DVDs, Maree, and just do it! Bet kids would love the series, too.

      And yes, I think you’re right: it would make an interesting topic for discussion. I’ll email Eleni…