Hell Hath No Fury like a Felinoid scorned?

Hi y’all,

Today is Thursday. And you know what that means: a MAGIC THURSDAY GIVEAWAY at the Dark Side DownUnder blog!

You know that saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”?

Well, as an author who can’t seem to write anything without adding a paranormal element, my take on it was slightly different: “Hell hath no fury like a Felinoid demon scorned.” Or to be even more precise, “Hell hath no fury like those secondary characters who want their own darn story!”

Yep, today I’m talking about how one of my secondary characters kicked up such a fuss when I told her she couldn’t take center-stage in the story, that she ended up with her own story.. And lived Happily Ever After *VBG*

And did someone mention a giveaway?

I’m giving away an electronic copy of one of my novellas – your choice of EVEN DEMONS GET THE BLUES, or, LET SLEEPING DEMONS LIE (both Night Owl Reviews Top Picks).

Would love you to pop on over to the Dark Side and chat with me.



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