Happy Release Day for our Dangerous Boys!

It’s June 5th. Which means…



…and ME!


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I want to give a huge shout-out to all readers who took advantage of our limited time pre-order price special, and snapped up a copy of our anthology. Thank you — you all rock!

And how am I celebrating release day?

Well, to be quite honest, the most exciting thing I’ve done today is shower, wash my hair, ferret out some clean pyjamas, and crawl back into bed to watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower on Netflix. Yep. I’ve got the flu. Except it can’t be the actual flu, coz I’ve had a flu vac. So I figure it must be Day 3 of a really REALLY bad cold virus. I ache all over from coughing so much, so please believe me when I say it was utter bliss to stand under a steaming hot shower. Not to mention wash my hair. Let’s just say it was due for a wash on Friday and for a while there I had some seriously bizarre Farrah Fawcett flicky thing happening on the right side. Not a good look for me.

But back to our scheduled programming.

The thing with multi-author anthologies, is that it can be difficult to choose cover art that’s representative of the diverse stories/characters contained within. I think our cover successfully conveys the message we set out to convey. (And if I were a teenage girl, I’d sure be giving our Dangerous Boy a second look as he sauntered down the corridor!) But in all honesty, our anthology cover model doesn’t resemble the hero of my novella Tangent one iota.

Rix is part-Maori on his mother’s side. He’s a big guy. Strong and muscly. He also has dreads… and, try as I might, I couldn’t find any age-appropriate cover model on any stock photo site that both fit my vision of Rix and had dreads. But I did find one pic that was damn close.

The more I looked at him, the more I could clearly imagine a not-too-far-in-the-future version of Rix (who had impulsively decided to shave his dreads… and doubtless earned a bollocking from Lily, who loves him just the way he is!) As for the stylised dragon pendant he’s holding? Well, I like to imagine that Rix has shared his mother’s tales about the dragon’s tree, so when Lily spotted this dragon pendant, she brought it for him. (FYI, she’s secretly saving for a greenstone manaia pendant to give him for his birthday… but that’s another story that hasn’t yet been written.)

So without further ado, meet Rix:



BTW, if you’re curious about the other Dangerous Boys, then head over to The Dangerous Boys website, and check ’em all out.

Dangerous Boys – out now!

Written in the Stars by Sara Hantz

If Megan messes up one more time her parents will pull her out of boarding school and she’ll never see Dan—the guy she’s been crushing on since forever—again. So when she accidentally crashes a friend’s car, she needs to pay for the repairs… somehow. Desperate, she decides to use her way of knowing stuff to sell psychic dating advice. How hard can it be? Plenty hard. Especially when Megan’s forced to tell the meanest girl in school that Dan is going to ask her out. Only trouble is, Dan can’t stand the girl, leaving Megan begging him for a favor. Megan is in big trouble. She risks losing all the money she’s made and losing the one boy who does dangerous things to her heart.


Tangent (a Liminals prequel) by Maree Anderson

For two years, lone wolf Rixon has protected Lily… and lied about his true feelings. Best to treat her like a younger sibling, because how could she possibly love a hulking great lummox like him? Then Lily is snatched, and Rix discovers she’s being used in covert experiments. He moves heaven and earth to find her, but Lily is merely bait for the real target: Rix. To keep Lily alive, Rix must use a dangerous liminal ability he’s kept secret his whole life… and risk becoming the one thing he vowed he would never be again: a killer.


Live Fast, Die Young by Vanessa Barneveld

Molly can’t stand seeing her pal Alex go from straight-A student to rebel without a cause. Alex needs to get back on the path to the Ivy League, and Micromanaging Molly figures serious interference is called for. But the harder Molly pushes Alex, the harder he pushes back.

Alex has two secrets. Number one: He has terminal melanoma. With six months to live, hanging around hospitals definitely counts as wasted time. Alex plans to drop out, surf, drive fast cars…and finally confess secret number two. He’s in love with Molly. Can he tell her before his time is up?


Raising Hell by Robyn Grady

Insanity runs in the family. Then again, so does warlock blood.

Four years ago, when Brinley Stone’s mom committed suicide, Brin went to live with her aunt in Boston. Now she’s back in her hometown, finishing her all important senior year at Hellaway High. Brin is ready to confront the ghosts from her past. Discovering an overly-protective half human, half demon in the attic is something else again. But the warlock Ruarc Bae is so much more than ‘melt into a puddle’ gorgeous. Bae has an unpleasant job to do. It starts with casting light on the murky secrets that drove Brin’s mother mad.


Dangerous Honesty by Ebony McKenna

High school junior Bianca is faking the best possible life in Florida, as long she remembers all the lies she’s told. But when she teams up with seriously cute über geek Malcolm–because physics homework isn’t going to write itself–her carefully crafted stories start wobbling like spinning plates on bamboo poles. Bianca is torn between protecting those she loves and unburdening her reality to someone she can trust. Honesty is the best policy, but the truth will put everyone she loves at risk.


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