Happy Mothers’ Day!

To all you moms (or as we say in New Zealand “mums”) out there, Happy Mothers’ Day!

We’ve never done the big expensive present thing in our household for Mothers’ Day or Fathers’ Day. We’ve always encouraged the kids to make a card… and try to be nice to each other for the day (or at least a few hours, LOL.) As they’ve grown older, we’ve hinted that breakfast in bed is a pretty good way of thanking us for everything that parents do for their kids. And now, they’re old enough to make coffee… and even carry a tray into our bedroom without spilling everything — oh happy joy!

So this morning, imagine my delight when DS brought me apple juice, DD brought me toaster-waffles with maple syrup, cream, and bananas she’d sliced into heart-shapes, and then DS finished up with plunger coffee. Oh yeah. The Best Breakfast Evah!

Alas, now it’s back to real life. AKA washing (I have to keep an eye on the cycle because the damn machine is playing up), monitoring a TradeMe auction to sell son’s bike that’s finishing up in about an hour (what was I thinking???) , editing my manuscript (nearly there and then it’s on to the dreaded synopsis), and getting ready to trek out to my mum’s because today is her birthday as well as Mothers’ Day.

Still, breakfast in bed was lovely while it lasted. And it’s not raining or blowing a freaking gale, so that’s a definite plus.

Wonder what DD will come up with for Fathers’ Day breakfast? I’ll keep you posted on that one.

So Happy Mothers’ Day, ladies, and however you celebrate it, I hope yours starts off as wonderfully as mine!



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