Happy Easter!

Hi y’all,



It’s Good Friday, here. And, joy of joys, the weather yesterday was so wet and stormy and utterly vile, that DD’s early morning (6.45 am for Pete’s sake!!!) hockey training was cancelled. Yes, Maree, apparently there is a god who looks out for moms of teens and occasionally wangles them an unexpected sleep-in on public holidays. Yay.

Even better, it’s beautifully sunny right now (though we’re told it won’t last), and as I type this post, the hot cross buns are heating in the oven.

This year, courtesy of DD who isn’t a fan of “normal” hot cross buns, we also have hot “choc” buns to try — flavored with cocoa, and with choc-chips instead of sultanas. Should be yum — provided DD lets us near her horde :)

Oh, and Twinkie says hello:



She’s full of mischief — as always! — becoming more intrepid by the day, and she’s growing like a weed. Gotta love that of all the books in this particular shelf, she chose “Stray” and “Rogue” to sit on. Perhaps she likes books about cat shifters ;-)

Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend! May your hot cross buns and Easter eggs be delicious, and may you have plenty of alone time with a really good book.



P.S. I did get to try a hot choc bun and it was indeed delicious. I mean, Hershey’s choc chips? What’s not to like?!

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2 Responses to “Happy Easter!”

  1. Tez Miller says:

    Of course Twinkie’s hanging out with Rachel Vincent’s cat shifter books ;-)

    The choc-chip buns from Baker’s Delight or Brumby’s didn’t work for me. So I eat fruitless buns, and they’re awesome :-)

    • I suspect Twinkie is a cat shifter who’s decided to slum it ;-)

      These hot-choc buns are Coundown’s Hershey’s ones. Not bad! But I prefer the spice ‘n fruit ones — why mess with a good thing?

      Hey, Happy Easter, Tez! Hope the Easter Bunny brings you something yummy :)