What’s been happenin’?

Time for another short ‘n sweet update.

Works in progress:

I might have mentioned I’m rewriting a fantasy trilogy? These are manuscripts that finalled a looong time ago in the RWNZ Clendon Award, (the first book finalled in 2004!) and have been languishing on my hard-drive. The first book is tentatively titled “Seer’s Hope” and it’s now good to go. Just waiting on final edits and for CAE (Cover Artist Extraordinaire) to do his thing. I’m about halfway through the rewrite of the second book, tentatively titled “Seer’s Promise“. And then I’ll be straight into working on the final book.

I’m intending to release all three at once, so I imagine it’ll be another couple of months before you see them on the shelves (unless I can manufacture myself a clone!)

For those readers who’ve asked when my next book is due out, I’ll post blurbs and covers as soon as I can.

Good news:

My unpublished paranormal YA “Liminal” won the Editor’s Choice division of the Romance Writers of New Zealand Strictly Single contest (for single-title-length manuscript)! Judging editor was Katherine Pelz of Berkley Publishing. Woohoo!

It was a huge honor to final in the contest, and I was totally stoked with this division win — it reinforces that I don’t entirely suck at writing YA (and should only stick to reading it!) after all. *VBG*

Plus I got this banner to put on my awards page: a very nice early Christmas present indeed :)


Published Books update:

And finally, a heads up that electronic versions of my indie books are now available at three new outlets:

  1. Amazon Japan’s Kindle Store
  2. Barnes & Noble’s UK Nook Store
  3. iTunes New Zealand
8th Dec Update:
And they’re now also available at the Amazon Canada Kindle Store as well. (Though I notice Ruby’s Dream isn’t showing up there yet for some reason.)

If you want to browse the range of eBooks available at these stores, click on the hyperlinks above.

Warning: you may have to search a bit to find the eBook sections.

Nice to find a local store where I’m not doing mental currency conversions from USD, CAD, GPB etc!

Direct buy links have been updated on the My Books page, as well as each individual book page. (Individual books landing page buy links will be updated shortly.)




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