Guest Blogging About New Releases

Hi all,

I’m blogging over at Writers Gone Wild today about how best to promo your new release and entice commenters to actually leave a comment!

Personally, I rather like reading author interviews because the Q&A structure allows me to get a sense of who the author is, and get inside his or her head a bit more — especially if the interview questions are quirky and clever! And I do really love it when I scan the comments and see that the guest blogger has checked in regularly and responded personally to comments. But that’s just me.

I’ve listed a few options that I’ve come across in my blog explorations, but I’m curious as to what YOU think.

Do I have an ulterior motive? Heck, yeah! I have a new release coming out in May, and so far I have five scheduled guest blog posts to write. And I’d really rather not bore everyone with the same old, same old. Or, horrors, be that guest blogger who has not one single comment left on her post and never gets invited back. Gulp!

So if you wouldn’t mind stopping by Writers Gone Wild and letting me know your opinion, I’d be eternally grateful. (Not to mention I’m holding off writing these guest posts until I see what you all say, LOL)



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