Guest author: Shona Husk crosses boundaries

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I’d like to introduce my guest , the lovely Shona Husk, author of The Goblin King — the first book in her Shadowlands series, and a current finalist in the ARRA Awards favorite paranormal romance of 2011 category.

Today Shona is celebrating the February 1st release of Sharing Sirus, her third erotic romance featuring sexy vampire rock band Lucinda’s Lover.

She’s promised to share a snippet from Sharing Sirius with us — can’t wait!

So dig out your fan (to fan your face when you read this excerpt), pull up a comfortable chair and read on!


Crossing Boundaries

(With Shona Husk)

I like challenging myself as a reader and writer. It’s good to step beyond the comfort zone and try something different. In this case it was making the jump from reading ménage stories to writing one. And what a jump. It’s like a triple shot of romance :)

While there were times I wondered if maybe I had leaped too far, I figured that it was too late to turn back. I had the story plotted, and I loved the story, but triple the romance means triple the work—there’s a whole lot going between every person involved. But as I wrote I realised that was what I liked when reading a ménage story. That extra emotion makes the HEA that much sweeter, especially since I make my characters work hard to get there.

Sharing Sirius also has the honour of having my first m/m scenes (because I thought if I’m writing a ménage it has to be all hands on everyone—I don’t do things by halves).

Here’s a little snippet of Jack and Owen the two sexy heroes of Sharing Sirius:


“It’s my turn. You will listen. Your heart is in the right place—it’s one of the many reasons I love you and it’s the reason I’m not going to kick you out.” Owen stalked towards him, lithe like a predator. And Jack was the prey.

Jack couldn’t hide the smile that curved the corners of his lips. Owen seemed more like the man he’d first known, full of life instead of bored with it all. Was it working already?

“Do you know what it feels like to have your lover catch you with someone else?”

Jack shook his head. “It’s fine.”

It didn’t feel fine, it chaffed like wet linen, but he wasn’t about to admit that. This was not the moment to compare bruises. Owen was obviously regretting what had happened, even though it had given him a new grasp on life.

“It’s not fine. Once the door had been opened, I was unable to look away, such was the need in my veins to find a way to live. Now I have to live with that and the look on your face for the rest of my life.”

“At least you’ll have a life.” Did Owen not realize how much it had cost Jack?

“Caught between the two of you like a bone between two starving dogs? No thank you.”

Jack heard his heart stop. “You’re breaking up with me?” His words came out stilted. “But it was what you needed. You’ll die of boredom.” Hadn’t Owen said he wasn’t kicking him out? What was he going to do? He risked a glance out the window and saw the sun. Oh no. “Don’t make any hasty decisions, we can make this work. A roster or something.”

Owen put his hand on Jack’s chest, over his heart, then it slid up and cupped the back of Jack’s head. He brought their foreheads together.

“I’m not old. I’m ancient, even for a Vampire. I have loved and lost more times than I can count. And I have no intention of starting again.” He kissed Jack, hard and rough. His tongue pushed in, claiming.

Jack gave in, believing that after everything they would be okay, changed but okay. He let the tension he’d been holding on to ease away. Glad to be back in Owen’s arms. Jack gasped and waited for the cut of fangs, but it never came. Owen was too skilled to ever be caught out. The Vampire’s other hand trailed over Jack’s thigh and caressed the growing hard-on, coaxing his flesh to harden further. Jack bit back the moan and flicked his tongue against Owen’s fangs, seeking out what he wanted.

Owen ended the kiss, but kept his hand on Jack’s cock and the back of his neck. The grip of his hands left no doubt who was in command.

“You hungry for a bite?” Owen whispered against his lips. “Want to feel some fang?”

“Yes.” All the blood rushed from his head to his shaft as Owen’s hand stroked his length. Owen’s nail scraped down the fly of Jack’s jeans as if he were considering undoing it. Jack held his breath. He wanted Owen.

Jack’s fingers brushed Owen’s hardening cock.

Owen stepped back. “Then get it from Katya.”


Sharing Sirius is book 3 of the Lucinda’s Lover Vampires.

In ancient Vampires, boredom can literally kill. When Jack sees Owen beginning to succumb, he knows he is no longer enough. Owen needs the blood of another lover to survive. So Jack turns to Katya, hoping she can entice Owen into living again.

At first Katya denies her lust to her boss, even though she’s wanted him for years. With Jack promising to look the other way, she has a scorching-hot encounter Owen.

Owen doesn’t want to admit what is happening to him. He doesn’t want to cheat and break Jack’s heart, and yet he can’t resist Katya. But Katya and Jack have their own sexy plan. And neither of them intend to lose Owen.


Check out Shona’s Lucinda’s Lover vampire rock band books at Jasmine Jade/Ellora’s Cave Publishing.

For more information about the Shadowlands series and Shona’s other books, please visit Shona’s website.

Follow Shona on Twitter, and Facebook.


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  1. Now, that’s a teaser excerpt isn’t it. Good luck with Sharing Sirius, Shona.