Guess what I’ve been listening to…

Guess what I’ve been listening to!

You’ll never guess in a million years *evil grin* so how about I put you out of your misery right now?

You may recall me mentioning last Christmas holidays that I added a soundtrack to a couple of chapters of Freaks of Greenfield High?

Well, if you missed that post, then in a nutshell I used Booktrack; a website that provides a no-brainer interface, which makes it super-easy for the layman like me to add sound effects, ambience, and background music — i.e. soundtracks! — to books.

It took me a couple of weeks to soundtrack a couple of chapters of Freaks, and I’d always intended to ‘track more chapters because it was hugely fun to do, but months passed, and I’d never found the time. And then I got an email from the team at Booktrack, offering to hand my book over to a professional sound engineer to, you guessed it, put a soundtrack to the whole book!

Of course I said yes. And, earlier this week, they sent me a draft soundtrack to check out.

And all I can say is: Wow, what a difference a soundtrack makes! It really does enhance the reading experience and add a whole new dimension to the story.

So when can I listen to the whole book on Booktrack? I hear you ask.

Soon! The folks at Booktrack have a launch planned with a very special *cough* free *cough* offer, so watch this space :)

In the meantime…

Here’s my soundtrack for FREAKS OF GREENFIELD HIGH (first 25 pages):



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