What am I gonna ask Mister Bond?

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SAM BOND, Cover model goodness!

Hi all,

We all know that Red Sage give good cover, right?

So it’s no surprise that I loooove the cover of my December Red Sage release, FROM THE ASHES.

Turns out the guy who features on this cover is Sam Bond, a very sweet (not to mention raaaather hawt!) Englishman. He’s a natural amateur bodybuilder and weightlifter, and arguably his main claim to fame (wow, assonance, anyone???) is on the UK TV series Gladiators, where he’s known as “Atlas”. According to Wikipedia, his favourite events are Hang Tough and Gauntlet.

(Here’s a link to Sam’s personal website so you can drool over admire his publicity photos.)

How do I know who this guy on my cover actually is?

One of his fans spotted the cover of From The Ashes and emailed me with a link to Sam’s website. She also set up a blog with all his romance covers — check it out! Here’s the link to the blog with all Sam’s covers.

And since I was soooo happy about the cover RS did for me, I decided to email Sam and tell him all about how my cover came to be. To my delight, he emailed me back — have I mentioned he is such a sweetheart? — and while I was having a total fan-girl moment, one of my author friends slapped me upside the head and said, “Ask him for an interview already, you idiot!”

So now that he’s back from a surfing holiday in Bali *excuse me while I take a moment to fan myself rapidly* he’s emailed me to say he’s happy to be interviewed. Except my mind’s gone blank. And I’m racking my brains, trying to think of semi-intelligent questions to send to him.

Uh…. HELP?

So, does anyone have a question they’d like to ask him? I can’t guarantee he’ll answer everything and anything we ask, but I’d sure appreciate a few ideas to get me started.

And just so’s you know, Sam has done some modeling, but he’s not a romance cover model per se. The photos of him used for various covers are from royalty free stock photo websites, and he told me he’s very flattered by all the cover-love. Well, who wouldn’t be, right?



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