Golden moment at RWNZ 2014 conference book signing

Hi all,

My apologies for being AWOL lately. After surviving two weeks with an exchange student who arrived with a bad cold, immediately followed by one week of DS home with the flu, two weeks of DH and DD home with the flu, and being confined to a hotel for a 4-day conference with both overseas speakers and conference-goers coughing and spluttering around me, I thought I was immune to whatever strain of flu virus was going around. Apparently I was grossly mistaken. But hey, at least my immune system held up and I didn’t get sick till AFTER I got home from the conference.

For the moment I can only handle short stints at the computer before my head feels like it’s going to explode. So while I’m up and around, I’d like to share a story about our recent Romance Writers of New Zealand conference.

Our annual RWNZ conferences are what I like to call “small but perfectly formed”. Ditto with what I believe was RWNZ’s first ever book signing event. It was low-key, but so wonderful that I felt compelled to run around taking photos of everyone I could in an effort to try and capture the moment. But before I share the photos I took of the event, I have to share one particular moment that I wish I’d been quick enough to capture on camera:

A mother and daughter have just finished talking to their favorite author and their arms are full of the books she’s autographed for them. They hold it together until they get halfway toward the door… and then they can’t contain themselves any longer — they throw their arms around each other and hug, doing a little dance in the middle of the room while silently squeeing. Then they they bolt for the exit…

It was a total AWWWWW, look at that!!!! moment. So wish I’d had my camera at the ready to capture it on video because it was truly a golden moment. The delight on their faces…. Wow.

And the author they were so rapt to meet in person? None other than RWNZ member and New York Times Bestselling Author Nalini Singh, internationally renowned for her Psy Changeling series, and Guild Hunter series :)

Anyway here’s the photos I did manage to take at the book signing– the ones that turned out, anyway. Yep. Yet again I’m painfully aware that I’m not the greatest photographer. (*cough*blurry photo of Nalini*cough*)

Note: I have been granted permission by the subjects of these photos to post them here on my website.






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One Response to “Golden moment at RWNZ 2014 conference book signing”

  1. Cate says:

    Great to see these photos. Thanks for sharing them, Maree, and hope you’re well again now.