Giveaways Galore in October

Ah, promo. Don’t you love it?

Well, as a reader I do. I mean, who doesn’t love the chance to win free books? Duh.

But as an author? Well, let’s just say that boy, does it suck the big kumara when you have writers block over a promo blog post. Uh. Yeah. Major suckage *wry grin*

Anyhoo, thought I’d better clue you all in on what’s happening giveaway-wise in Maree’s World during October.


Over at Bookaholics Romance Book Club they’re “addicted to romance” *VBG*

And they’re giving you the chance to win a print copy of Secrets Volume 30 Desires Unleashed.

Here’s the deets:

When: Contest runs to 31st October 2011
Who: US residents only
How to enter: Just email: BookaholicsRomanceBookClub//AT//YAHOO//DOT//COM  (delete the slashes etc. of course) with the subject: Secrets 30 Contest

For more information go to Bookaholics Romance Book Club



Next week I’m over at the Dark Side DownUnder hosting the weekly “Magic Thursday” giveaway.

And I’m thinking a Mother-Daughter sanity package, just for the school holidays. (Or, if you aren’t having school holidays like we are in New Zealand, then just a Mother-Daughter giveaway for the hell of it *g*)

What am I talking about?

I’m giving away 2 books: my adult paranormal romance The Crystal Warrior and my young adult paranormal Freaks of Greenfield High.

When? Thursday 13th October
Where: Dark Side DownUnder blog
Who? Anyone — international entries welcome
How Long? Giveaway will run for a week — winner will be announced on the Dark Side DownUnder blog the following Wednesday.

Here’s the link to Magic Thursday: Maree’s Mother-Daughter giveaway 

And last, but never least: GIVEAWAY NUMBER THREE

From October 6th -31st, my good friend Katie Reus is hosting a Monster Mash-Up Party on her blog and she invited me to participate — cue me having some major fangirl moments when I got an eyeful of the other authors participating!

Having a lightbulb moment, huh? Yep. You’re correct: it’s the Monster Mash-Up Party post I’m having difficulty writing. Because, yanno, with all these totally awesome authors participating, I don’t want to come off like a dork!

*looks around for her big-girl panties & discovers they’re downstairs in the clothes dryer. Damn.*
*sucks it up and gets on with it*

Where was I? Oh yeah.

Haven’t decided what I’ll give away yet. Ummmm…. Three’s a good number. Soooo three of my books — commenter’s choice. Yeah. Works for me.

When? I’m doing my giveaway on October 18th (but looking at this lineup I reckon from Oct 6th onward, you should head over there on a daily basis *g*)
Where? Katie Reus’s blog
Who? For my giveaway, international entries are welcome.
How long? Katie’s Monster Mash-Up Party runs from October 6th to October 31st

Here’s the link to Katie Reus’s Monster Mashup Party & Maree’s Mish-Mash of Monsters giveaway


Right. That’s it for me. Hope you’ll check out that certain guest author blog post  when it goes live and tell me whether I did a good job *g*



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