The one where I give myself a kick in the butt!

I just checked my query-tracker spreadsheet and I have only one outstanding submission out there at the moment. HORRORS!

What this means is that although I recently finalled in a contest, I haven’t yet sent out a single new query for that particular manuscript. I’m the self-proclaimed Query Queen, so this is not my usual modus operandi. And, way to waste a great opportunity to plug a manuscript — duh!

What this means is that I’ve been a total slackass and I’ve been neglecting a very important part of The Business.

Note to self: Maree, there is no such thing as the magical “You just kick back and relax, honeybun, coz I’m gonna work my tushie off to get you the agent of your dreams!” fairy.

Obviously there is something up with me at the moment and I require some serious motivation…. which I found thanks to a fellow RWNZ loopie, and I’m sharing it over at Writers Gone Wild today.



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