“Freaks” has done it again!

Hot on the heels of finding out that my paranormal YA manuscript, Freaks Of Greenfield High, won the YA category of Maryland Romance Writers “Reveal Your Inner Vixen” contest, I’ve just had some more good news. Freaks has just finalled in the Oklahoma Romance Writers “Finally A Bride” contest. (I’m reliably informed that the coordinator of the contest could hear my celebratory Woohoo! all the way from Auckland, LOL.)

In order to be eligible to enter this contest, the manuscript must have finalled in a contest. All the entries were gonna be good — reeeeally good, and Freaks was up against some very stiff competition indeed. So finalling is just a terrifically huge buzz for me and I’m still grinning — despite having pushed myself a little too far at the gym and straining some muscles I didn’t know existed!

But I wasn’t gonna use this blog to go on and on about me, so while we’re on the subject of YA, here’s a bunch of slang terms I came across in a magazine a while back. They may well be totally out of date by now — god only knows how old the mag was — but they still make me chuckle!

Butt dial: when you stick your mobile in the back pocket of your jeans, sit down, and it accidentally rings out

Phone grope: patting down your pockets to try and locate your mobile

Infoporn: information with absolutely no purpose that takes up space in your head

Wik it: to use Wikipedia

Blogorrhea: writing a blog for the sake of it

Dotcomrade: an online friend who you’ve never met

BiPodding: sharing earphones on your iPod, one person takes the left earbud and the other person takes the right

Dandruff: someone who ditches friends, “flakes” on group activities

(And finally, the ultimate in pithy text message breakups:

Miss me: lose my number, don’t call, leave me alone!



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5 Responses to ““Freaks” has done it again!”

  1. Well done Maree – Finally a Bride is an AWESOME contest. And if you win you get a silver cake slicer and knife to cut you celebratory call cake. It gets engraved with you name and the book. NCK won the paranormal section in 2007 – it was so cool.

    • Maree says:

      Hiya Tracey,

      Hey, thanks! I was sooo chuffed to hear that it finalled. Mmmmm, an engraved cake slicer? Now there’s an excellent prize! But honestly? I’m more than happy just to final, considering the caliber of the other entrants.

  2. Erica Hayes says:

    Yippee! Awesome :)

  3. Tez Miller says:

    YA + “Finally a Bride” = teen marriage???