Freaks of Greenfield High gets a soundtrack

Didn’t get much writing done this past week — flu meds and too many broken nights kept mucking with my brain. Even a book-hound like me finds reading a chore when my head’s throbbing and I’m clock-watching to check when I’m allowed to take another dose of Panadol and cough mixture. Fun… not. 

So what was a bored, frustrated, cranky author, who’d given up trying to add coherent words to her current manuscript until she’d beaten the flu bugs, to do?

Why, head on over to Booktrack and have a go at putting a soundtrack to one of her books, of course ;)

I chose Freaks of Greenfield High because in the prologue, Jay got to blow some stuff up and it fit my mood at the time perfectly — nothing like blowing shit up to make you feel better when you’re under the weather *evil grin*. And I gotta say, it was such hella fun adding ambiance, music and sound effects to the prologue, that after the soundtrack for the prologue went live, I got stuck in and Booktrack-ed the first chapter, too. And…

…I’ve just hit publish on Chapter One — woohoo!

You can check out an “amplified” soundtracked excerpt of Freaks of Greenfield High by clicking either the hyperlink, or the widget:

Hope you enjoy listening as much as I did creating!

Please let me know what you think. And don’t forget to check out all the other soundtracked books available on Booktrack, including Sand by Hugh Howey, and A Thousand Fiendish Angels by J.F. Penn!




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