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Congratulations, ladies!


Hi all,

You may have guessed that my latest book, Freaks in the City, launched a bit earlier than I’d planned. But rather than wait, I thought I’d celebrate this new release with a giveaway… or two :)

From now till the original launch date of 31st August 2012, there are TWO prize packs to be won.

Leave a comment on this post telling me which TWO books other than Freaks in the City you’d like to win, and you’ll be entered in the draw for:

1) one Freaks in the City eBook

2) PLUS any ONE of the following eBooks:

3) PLUS any ONE of the following Red Sage erotic romances:

Note: these are very sexy romances, so if you’re under 18 or uncomfortable with reading erotic romance:
1) please feel free to select another book from 2)’s options, or
2) I’ll happily email it to your mom, aunt, older sister etc.

There are TWO prize packs to be won.

Contest closes 5pm 31st August, New Zealand time.

Contest open to international entrants.
One entry per household, please.
No purchase required to enter.
Void where prohibited.
Winners chosen randomly using, and his or her name posted on this blog on Saturday 1st September.
If a valid email is not left by the winner(s) and I don’t hear from you within 72 hours, the prize(s) will be redrawn.

Note: please don’t fret if your comment doesn’t post immediately. It may go to moderation and will be approved in due course. (I’m away Fri-Sun, so I’ll ask DH to keep an eye on them for me.)




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33 Responses to “Freaks in the City giveaways!”

  1. Dominique Steenman says:

    Lightning rider and freaks of greenfield high ofcourse! Already read em but loved it, plus your books made me purchase a tablet since i’ve been reading all of them on my tiny phone :( (atleast I could read em :P)

    • Oh, I know what you mean, Dominique. I used to read ebooks on my iPhone and I read so quickly, I’d get a cramp in my fingers from swiping the pages! After a couple of years of that, I went and bought a Kindle for my DH to give me for Christmas… as you do ;-)

  2. saharai says:

    i readFreaks of Greenfield High!!of corse that one who wouldnt pick that!!? I read it more than 3 times because of how much I loved it and no I am not joking ;)

  3. Ellisz says:

    Freaks of Greenfield High and Scent of a Man? c:
    I’m not so sure about erotic romances… but I love Freaks of Greenfield High~ I’m so curious about the sequel *w*

    • Ellisz — thank you for reminding me! I meant to put a note for younger readers or those who’re uncomfortable with erotic romance…. Done it now.

      My erotic romances are still very much romances, but they ARE very sexy, and do have full consummated love scenes that use frank language. So feel free to choose another option from section 2) if you’d prefer.

      BTW, Scent Of A Man is an alternate-world historical fantasy–it’s one of my favorites because it starts out with the heroine rescuing the hero :)

  4. Joyce Reece says:

    I have read all 3 of the Crystal Warrior books and LOVED them. I would love to read Lightening Rider and Even Demons Get The Blues. Heck, I am so hooked I would read ANY of your romance books.

    • Hi Joyce — sorry to be so long getting back to you… have JUST got back from our RWNZ conference and unpacked :)

      Thank you soooo much for you very kind words about my books — I’m humbled and thrilled to bits that you like them so very much — YAY!

      • Joyce Reece says:

        Thank you so much for picking me as a winner in your contest. May I have Freaks Of Greenfield High and Even Demons Get the Blues as my choices. The Greenfield High set is for the teenager you had laughing the other day and the other is for momma ( with a cup of coffee in hand ). Thanks again Maree.

  5. I pick Freaks of Greenfield High and Let The Lightning Rider. Hoho, I just got hooked by Freaks… It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. Ever. :3

    • Janine — Sorry about the late response: I’ve been at our annual RWNZ conference since Thurs night. Thank you for your comments! I’m rapt you enjoyed Freaks… I loved writing that book. Jay was such a cool character to write :)

  6. Juanita Kees says:

    Congratulations Maree! I love the cover of Freaks in the City. Pretty awesome.
    I’d love to read Freaks of Greenfield High but Lightning Rider and Crystal Warrior are teasing me. Even Demons get the Blues – what a great title but Scent of a Man made my knees go weak!
    So many great titles…you choose :D

    • Juanita — Sorry to have made the choice so difficult ;-) And hey, TY for the feedback about the cover for Freaks in the City — will pass that on to my DH, AKA cover designer extraordinaire. He’ll be chuffed to bits!

  7. Ansis Sparāns says:

    Lightning rider and freaks of greenfield high.

  8. Kainani says:

    I’ve read books 1 & 3 of your Crystal Warrior series. Enjoyed both of them every much. So I’d like to read book 2, Ruby’s Dream & Let Sleeping Demons Lie. Thanks for the contest.

    • Hey Kainani – rapt you enjoyed reading about Wulf and Chalcedony, Malach and Jade. I loved writing those Crystal Warrior stories! Ruby and Kyan’s story was even more fun to write because it’s set in NZ, in my home town of Auckland. And I must admit, there’s probably more of me in Ruby than there is in any of my other heroines. (Don’t know if that’s a good thing, though!) Anyway, thanks for entering. And Good Luck!

  9. Samantha Orchison says:

    Hey! I absolutely loved your Freaks of Greenfield High book. It was amazing, and I’m SO excited for the next one. I would love to read Lightning Rider and Crystal Warrior because I absolutely adore your writing style! It keeps me so interested which is usually a hard thing for me to find. Thank you!

  10. Nicola says:

    My daughter adored the Freaks of Greenfield High and went into raptures when I told her there was a second book on it’s way.

    So, if you chose us (smile)…we’d really love Freaks in the City (that would be for Charlotte) and then Lightning Rider and Even Demons get the Blues :)

    Thanks for letting us enter!

    • Nicola, I’m so pleased Charlotte enjoyed Freaks 1 — she was absolutely my target audience so that’s the best feedback :) And you’re very welcome — good luck!

  11. Kelly Ethan says:

    Would love Freaks of Greenfield High and Lightning Rider and Even Demons get the blues sound great too.


    Kelly Ethan

  12. Cheryl Rymer says:

    Wow, great contest! Thanks. Freaks of Greenfield High (to read before Freaks in the City) and Scent of a Man sounds intriguing. And good luck everyone.

    • Cheryl, I’m glad you found the idea of Scent Of A Man intriguing — my editor loved the premise of this story and it was a great one to write. I had loads of fun twisting the historical tropes around a bit and having a virgin hero rescued by a kick-ass take no prisoners heroine. And I loved writing Joseph’s journey toward being a true hero for Liliana.

  13. Kamy says:

    Hey Maree- you do make it hard don’t you. Choices, choices. Let’s see she says, rubbing her hands in glee- how about Lightning Rider and Even Demons get the Blues.
    Thanks for the chance:-)

  14. Jeanette Petherick says:

    Hi Maree – thank you so much for this opportunity to have not one but two of your books! I’ll pick Freaks of Greenfield High – since it won so many awards – and Crystal Warrior because the blurb sounds intriguing.

  15. Hey Maree!

    Huge congrats on the release of FitC!!

    I would love Freaks of Greenfield High as a friend read it and “Highly” recommended it, and I’d love Even Demons get the Blues too!

    All the best with your new release.

    Barb X

    • Hey Barb – you are such a sweetie entering a contest like this when you’re on holiday! Talk about above and beyond the call of duty… muwah! Good luck in the draw. Some holiday reading, perhaps? If you can fit it in between sightseeing and all that writing you’re doing *g*

  16. A huge thanks to everyone for entering my Freaks in the City launch contest. I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to enter very much.

    Okay, so is doing its thing. And the first winner is, commenter #4:

    And the second winner is, commenter #2:

    Congratulations, ladies! I’ll post this separately on the blog to make sure you see it. Please contact me ASAP: maree //AT // mareeanderson // DOT// COM to claim your prizes.