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Hi all!

If you missed the newsletter I sent out earlier today, here’s a recap:

I’m rapt to announce that (finally!) I’m putting out print editions of my Young Adult/New Adult books. (BTW: I’ve added the “New Adult” tag because the Freaks series seems to have a lot of adult fans. Plus, in Freaks Under Fire, Tyler is now at college, thus the story is a little more, um, edgy.)

Anyway, the first book in the Freaks series, Freaks of Greenfield High, is now available in trade paperback — WOOT!

And man, with the matte cover and the slightly larger size (5.5″ x 8.5″ as opposed to the 5″ x 8″ we used for the Crystal Warriors series) it looks very cool indeed — can’t wait for the copies I ordered to arrive so I can show them off to friends. (And autograph one for DS, but that’s another story.)

For now, you can buy the print edition from CreateSpace or Amazon; it’s still rolling out to other vendors, and I’ll update vendor links on the Books page(s) as they come to hand.

Freaks of Greenfield High is also in the Wheelers Library catalog, so please check with your library (I believe Wheelers caters to NZ and Australian libraries).

Life permitting, I’ll have Freaks in the City available in print in the next couple of weeks. And then I’ll be tackling Liminal….





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