FREAKS UNDER FIRE cover reveal!

If you’ve subscribed to my newsletters (and checked your inbox around three hours ago!) you’ll have gotten a sneak peek at the new cover for Freaks Under Fire, the third book in the Freaks series *g*

I’m still in the throes of updating website book pages, but the day is flying by (as it does when you’re having fun O.O) and I figured I’d better go public with the cover before today completely gets away on me.

So here it is:

Freaks Under Fire cover


CAE (Cover Artist Extraordinaire) finished it this morning, and when he sent it to me, he begged me to please not write any cyborg books for a while because he’s still recovering from the “joys” of creating cybernetic limbs in PhotoShop. Ooops. Sorry ’bout that, CAE!

Anyway, hope you love the cover as much as I do (which is a whole lot)!

I’m about a week away from having Freaks Under Fire ready for pre-order — provided nothing happens to screw up my schedule, and I can come up with a blurb I can live with. And it’ll be offered at special discounted price — will keep you posted.



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6 Responses to “FREAKS UNDER FIRE cover reveal!”

  1. Tez Miller says:

    Ach, didn’t receive the newsletter! Must’ve thought I’d signed up to it, but hadn’t. Anyway, subscribed now, so all’s well. Will keep an eye out for the pre-order link.

    • Yep, I wondered about that when I spotted your subscription confirmation come through; I thought you’d subscribed, too! Will email you when the pre-order links are available :)

  2. Christos Atsikmpasis says:

    I’m going to be the first to said it out loud, but the fact is that for Tyler double the cyborg trouble is not something that he’s going to take as a bad thing!