Freaks, Crystal Warriors, and Secrets freebies



1) First, here’s a quick heads up to let you know that I’m offering up electronic freebies of both The Crystal Warrior and Freaks Of Greenfield High over on Writers Gone Wild.

I’m giving away three copies of each book, and I’ll be drawing the winners on Monday. There are conditions attached, though, so please read carefully before entering the draw.

And, since I waffled on quite a bit about other “stuff” before I got to the freebie offer part, feel free to skip the waffle and scroll straight  down to: OFFER 1: FREAKS OF GREENFIELD HIGH FREEBIE or OFFER 2: THE CRYSTAL WARRIOR FREEBIE.

Here’s the direct link to my Writers Gone Wild post if you’re interested.


2) Second, a reminder that there’s an electronic ARC of Secrets Volume 30 “Desires Unleashed” up for grabs, too.

This giveaway is here on my website/blog, and runs ’til next Friday (30th September).

All you need to do is leave a comment here with the answer to a reeeeally simple question. (In fact, if you’re really pressed for time, you can just copy the answer other commenters have left…. but don’t tell them I said that!)

And, just because I feel like prettying up this page, here’s a gallery of the covers:


Have a fabulous weekend!




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