Forgive me, but…

liminal-600x900… I just have to share why I’m doing the happy-dance today.

It’s because of this review of Liminal by Erin from The Reading Cafe.

And it’s also because Barb asked me to do an interview in conjunction with the review, which would normally be cause for a loud “Eeeek! Now the interview has gone live, sure hope I didn’t say anything dumb”. But after re-reading it today, I’m hugely relieved to note I didn’t come across like a total fruit-loop.

Not to mention the fab review gave me some good news to share with my RWNZ Auckland Chapter meeting this afternoon, and one of our members commented how much they loved the cover of Liminal… which meant I could tell DH he has another fan.

So, all in all, an amaze-balls day!

Now I’m gonna go grab a G&T, and investigate the leftovers in the fridge. With any luck there’ll be enough that I don’t have to bother cooking. Hey, dreams are free….



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