Excuses, excuses!

It feels like months since I sat down and wrote a post for my own website. How sad is that?

I have an excuse, though. I’ve been busy completing a Space Opera novella — yanno, just to see if I could write futuristic without sounding like a complete dork. According to my husband, who read the first couple of chapters, it appears that I might know what I’m doing. But whether it hangs together to the bitter end? That remains to be seen.

It was helluva fun, though. Making up names for stuff, while still ensuring their meanings can be guessed by readers without having to resort to a glossary of terms. Getting into the zone with tried and true “space” terminology like hyperspace jumps and matter cannons. Not to mention my alien hero–the likes of whom I don’t think has been written about before. Terrific fun!

And just as the end of that was in sight, I received revisions on my second Demons novella. Stella first half — woohoo! Go me!

Unfortunately the second half needs a major rehash. As usual, I’ve let my secondary characters shine a little too much and I now have to rein them in and put my hero and heroine front and center. Big ideas — huge, really — in a limited wordcount equals losing sight of what’s important. Yikes! Slap me, why don’t you? Will I never learn? Can’t believe I fell into that trap again.

But I put it aside for a couple of days to mull over… and to complete the work in process because no way would I be able to concentrate fully on revisions when I was so excrutiatingly near finishing  my work in process.

The Space Opera is now done and dusted, and submitted. Too late to tweak anything now, so I refuse to even open the file and get sucked back into it. I’ve ticked that box and now it’s a waiting game.

So now it’s head down and bum up and ignore everything else while I tackle Let Sleeping Demons Lie, which is essentially Naamah’s story.  Her hero is a Leonine Lycan Prince called Brennan, and his world is so big and bold and wonderful that I keep getting distracted and wanting to go play in it. It’s not exactly easy having to delete chunks of really good stuff and tell Brennan’s grandmother, Leonore, that she’s got to pull her head in. And then there’s convincing Cerise, his fiesty smart-mouthed sister, that she’s gotta go… like, completely. And I have a sneaking suspicion that won’t be the last of it. Certain other characters are gonna have their parts majorly cut or even deleted entirely.

Sorry guys! You’re relegated to Maree’s famous “Blubber” file. But don’t despair, you may yet get your chance to be reborn. After all, what do you think happened to all Naamah’s scenes which were cut from Even Demons Get The Blues?

And yo, Brennan? Where the hell were you in the last few scenes? Girl power and sisters doing it for themselves is all very well but this is an erotic romance and we need you front and center. You’re the hero, for goodness sake, so you’d better find a way to turn up and make yourself part of Naamah’s all-important rescue. Or else!

Lots of fun, really. No, truly! I love learning how to craft stories and I have every confidence that these suggestions will make it the best story I’m capable of writing.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. But for now, it’s time to have a glass of wine and toast those deleted scenes and characters.

Sorry, guys, but as they say in Project Runway, “One day you’re in and the next you’re out”….

At least until I can think up a way to use you in another story.



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