English spelling is “dum”

DH sent me this charming little video of (then) 102-year-old Ed Rondthaler, giving his views on English spelling.

I guess it’s no surprise that Ed was a lifetime proponent of spelling reform, huh? :)

I’m still smiling after watching this video — and nodding in agreement with Ed, too.

I remember when my son was at primary school, and we were going through the dreaded spelling lists for homework stage and he was struggling with a word. He rolled his eyes and said with a great deal of disgust, “But that’s just dumb!”  My response: “Yep. English spelling is dumb. It’s not very logical at all. You just have to suck it up, get over it, and learn it. Sorry, kid.”

Bet he’ll laugh his school socks off when he sees this.



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2 Responses to “English spelling is “dum””

  1. Dis waz a kool post-thingy. Dat dude was the bom.;)