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Even when I haven’t entered a cover in Joel Friedlander’s monthly e-Book Cover Design Awards, I religiously read his posts to see what’s new in covers, and to take note of his comments regarding the submitted covers. It’s enlightening. Electronic book covers are a whole different deal to print book covers because they must “pop” even in thumbnail form, and so often, it’s the typeface that makes a difference between an okay cover and a really great cover.

Anyway, back in October last year I entered the covers for Freaks of Greenfield High and The Crystal Warrior, hoping for some feedback from Joel. Seems he liked them both *VBG*

So this month I entered the covers for the next two books in the Crystal Warriors series: Ruby’s Dream and Jade’s Choice because I thought it’d be interesting to submit covers for a series and see what Joel had to say. And I was hoping that all the work DH did on these covers to “brand” them a series would garner some positive comments.

Here’s what Joel had to say: “Some of the strongest ebook covers, as a series, that I’ve seen from entrants. These are beautifully matched without being clones, and the overall effect is beautiful.”

YAY! Kudos to DH — and a big kiss from me :)

And if you’d like to check out the May winners in the fiction and non-fiction sections, and Joel’s comments on the entries, here’s the link to May’s e-Book Cover Design Awards over at The Book Designer blog.



P.S. Since these covers are “galleried” they get cropped so you have to click on each cover to expand to full size.

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3 Responses to “eBook Cover-love”

  1. Great stuff, Maree and your DH> They are indeed powerful covers.