Eating humble pie

Hi y’all,

I’m in the throes of editor revisions (not too many — yay!) and upping the word-count (aaargh!) for From The Ashes, the manuscript Red Sage made me an offer on. So Judith, if you’re reading this: 3,500 words down and 1,500 words to go. Sure hope you’re gonna like the completely new scenes I added!

Hoping to have it finished by the weekend…because I still have those CIF and CAF forms to fill in. Gee. Writing multiple synopses in various lengths, my favorite thing in the entire world!

Anyway, the pending horror of multiple synopses aside, one of Kaylea’s comments after her interview with Susan Lyons, made me chuckle.

Kaylea commented, “I need a road map–a good one–before I can sit down to start a draft. I can change things as I go, but I need that initial direction to have the main things figured out. I kind of envy you pantsers, but that doesn’t mean I understand you.”

And yanno, I’ve always considered myself to be one of those incomprehensible pantsers. At least, until a couple of weeks ago.

You see, I decided that I was going to have a go at this plotting business. Loads of writers do it. I’ve had an agent tell me over drinks that she wouldn’t be keen on representing an author who couldn’t outline–how would she be able to sell a manuscript or series on proposal only? And even my lovely editor has done *insert really scary number here* page story treatments before doing any actual writing.

So there I was, dedicated pantser, staring at a blank Word page, trying to get my head around character summaries and an outline.

Painful, much?

Oh. My. God. YES! Like pulling actual teeth with a pair of fricking pliers. I want to howl and whack my head on the desk just thinking about it, LOL.

But believe it or not, this story has a HEA…. As you’ll discover if you check out my Writers Gone Wild post for this week.

And just quietly, this dedicated pantser might be eating humble pie!

Who woulda thunk it?



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