Only in my dreams

How do I know when it’s time to write a shiny new story?

When I start dreaming scenes.

Seriously. No bull, that’s what happens.

And when those dream-scenes start crossing over to my waking world, and affecting my concentration, I know my muse has decided to bring in the big guns, and it’s get those scenes and characters and their story out of my head and into a Word document, or face the music… in my case, distraction to the point of being in la-la land. Or being unable to get my tongue around what I need to say (it’s very clear in my head but I can’t manage to enunciate it with any degree of coherency). Or forgetting what I asked someone 5 minutes ago and repeating myself — much to my immediate family’s irritation.

Right now, I’m starting to dream scenes for a sequel that readers of my first published YA, Freaks of Greenfield High, are begging me to write. And normally, I’d be delighted by this turn of events and eager to get started on Jay’s latest adventure. Unfortunately, I have not one, but two projects I need to complete before I can start on Freaks 2. First up, is finishing the editing for Lightning Rider and colluding with my DH on the cover. And after that I need to get started on the point-of-view rewrite of the third Crystal Warrior book, Jade’s Choice.

So let me go on public record as getting down on bended knee before my cranky muse, and apologizing profusely, and begging her to hold off making me a total insomniac for just a few more weeks until my schedule is cleared to write this sequel. I figure at least by the time I get around to writing it, I should have dreamed the entire freaking book, and be able to write it in double-quick time.

One can always hope, right?

And this quite neatly brings me to today’s Word of the Week.

I’m always fascinated by the sheer number and variety of “ology” words present in the English language. (Check out this website for more weird and wonderful “ologies” than you could poke a stick at!)

And aside from easy ones like biology and geology and cometology (yes, there is such a word, and it does actually mean the study of comets!) a large majority of them seem so abstract, about the only thing I can safely deduce is that they are, in fact, alluding to the study of something…

…which was exactly this case when I came across this little beauty: oneirology. Color me clueless. The study of… gee, I dunno, oneirs, perhaps?  *wry grin*

ONEIROLOGY: noun — the scientific study of dreams

Not to be confused with…

ONEIROMANCY: noun — the use of dreams for divinatory purposes.

So there you go. And perhaps if I was au fait with Greek, and had therefore known that oneiro is Greek for “dream”, then I might have had a clue. But alas, I only took French in school, and a year of Mandarin.

As for me and my penchant for dreaming scenes from sequels, I’ll just remain thankful that my dreams aren’t being subjected to a scientific study. I don’t quite know what science would make of the stuff I dream about when Ms Muse is prodding me to write a new story. It’s a writer-thing — I hope!

Oh, and before I go: just a reminder that I’m the featured author over at the awesome YA Beyond blog today. So if you’re at all curious about when I knew I wanted to be an author,  how my kids influence my writing, and which author I’d LOVE to meet, then pop on over to YA Beyond and check it out.






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2 Responses to “Only in my dreams”

  1. It’s all Greek to me, Maree. :)) Sweet Oneira!